Digging deep for what?

Greater Kashmir

What if Haroon is buried at Harwan or Solomon at Takht-i-Sulaiman!

That Fiedel Castro, during that in¬credible guerrilla journey through the rugged terrain of Sierre Maestra, was carrying Rousseau’s Social Contract in his back pocket could be one of those myths, which the legend of revolution might have sparked off. The myth im¬plies two things. That Castro was yet not a Marxist; he was an eclectic when he began the long march with a bunch of young radicals, including a doc called Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara. And that, any text can acquire different meanings in different terrains, even when it is not of so-called ground-breaking significance.
The various ‘research’ studies undertaken by foreign scholars about things related to Kashmir are a case in point. Their mission to unravel many a truth has gathered an ar¬gumentative storm. The elements of faith as well as tolerance are surely involved in this debate. Faith demands outright rejection of anything that challenges its veracity. Tolerance teaches us to allow it stand the test of time, and get validation of being su¬preme and flawless, subsequently but¬tressing the same as never before.
However, discerning the issue from a rational angle blasts a chain of drivel. These revered scholars want the wounded valley to stand out as a his¬torical cynosure on the global map, attracting people from far and wide, boosting up its economy and development. A utopian watershed for Kashmir! It seems so.
 A ballpark of hypotheses can barely alter the status quo and that too when the researchers bank on their ‘memo¬ries’ which sound no less than a se¬quence of deja vus. Suspecting their intentions is absurd and acknowledg¬ing their research acumen and accu¬racy will be slightly pre¬posterous. Talking of Je¬sus and his lineage, and then clubbing the same to an American thriller Ghosts (as done by one Suzzanne Olisson from US in 2002) in defense of any purported project-ef¬ficacy smacks of juvenile approach.
What if it is proved that DNA of Rozabal matches with that of Murree, and that Haroon is buried at Harwan or Solomon at Takht-i-Sulaiman? Are we going to be a cynosure of all eyes, a tourist attraction and a pilgrim’s fa¬vourite? Then our streets will be look¬alikes of Madison Avenue et al. Dogs will behave the way they do in Los Angeles during the dark. People will look chic and suave. Pockets would be full and taps would furnish mineral water, if not coke and pepsi. The white man will teach us a lot. He will initiate by showing us ways and means of survival in terror-struck, poverty-ridden and war-ravaged countries. He will get on by offering basic amenities, then talk of devel¬oping infrastructure and step ahead, rewrite our textbooks, confuse our youth and pollute our history beyond retrieval, and finally shower us with skirts and bombs (food packets at¬tached).
The fact is that the average Life his¬tory of white man’s adventures in alien lands is no different. His¬tory bears witness that the so-called Age of Enlightenment was in actual¬ity the age of disguised subjugation. Sci¬entific rationalism had no solution for hu¬man ailments. Having destroyed the power of Church and acting upon his reason and circumstances dictated and feeling accountable to nothing and no¬body, the white man set out with organi¬zation and technology to dominate the entire world. The period called by west¬ern historians as the Age of Exploration is replete with atrocities and genocides that have no parallel in previous civili¬zations. Unscrupulousness, greed and lust for power have ruled the world for the benefit of the west. Who can rebut that while slogans of liberty, fraternity and equality were ringing in Paris, the French forces were busy crushing in¬dependence of Africa and South East Asia. Who isn’t aware that China and India were subjugated and enslaved dur¬ing the acclaimed ‘golden period’ of democracy in England and America. Through the agency of education and mass media, the assassination of mind and thought to eliminate the local cul¬tures and superimpose its own system has been a hallmark of the west. The underlying tradition is still rooted in its struggle for the survival of the whites and the extermination of the ‘inferior races’. The Palestinian Arabs can be equated to American Indians who were per¬ceived as a political threat to the white settlers and therefore completely exter¬minated. This philosophy is, in fact, ex¬position of Darwinian Collectivism and people like Suzanne et al are by coincidence inherent carriers of this thinking. Such people are inculpable for they are only playing the genes, bragging of hollow MTVisation and MacDonaldisation of lifestyle, blah-blah.
Skepticism has been tagged to us and we cannot escape the stigma even if we talk plain and bare his¬tory. Still and all, we dare to wrap up: That Kashmir proves to be the eternal abode of Prophets will hardly amuse the Almighty God for His is the decree that hearts and hearths any¬where in the world do not sustain on trivia and trickery for a long time. That’s it!

   (The author teaches at Media Education Research Centre, MERC, Kashmir University.)