Country's biggest minority is the poorest minority: Darakhshan Andrabi

Chairperson of Waqf Development Committee of the Ministry of Minority Affairs Darakhshan Andrabi Sunday said the biggest minority of the country was the poorest minority community in India.

A statement of BJP issued here said that addressing media persons at Panipat, Andrabi said, “It is a shame on the earlier political systems that ruled India and again a shame on the so-called Muslim leaders who only exploited the community on baseless sentimental issues leaving them in the state of utter backwardness.”

She said now when the present government was providing them equal opportunities for economic growth, educational excellence and social upliftment, the exploiters were in pain as they want the deviation from non-issues to the real life-issues and were spreading lies.

Andrabi said India was the safest country for the minorities in the world but anarchists and desperate opposition parties within India supported by those foreign forces who hate India’s peaceful growth had created a hoax of Muslim-fear which was just propaganda and far from reality.

“Muslims in India are coming out of poverty and illiteracy like other backward communities in the country. During seventy years, Muslims were only used as vote banks in India but nothing concrete was done to uplift them from their acute poverty and lack of education. The growth index of Muslims in India has improved like never before,” she said in the statement.

Andrabi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government had provided all facilities to the minorities through dozens of welfare schemes, but Muslims needed to come out of the political-traps and take benefits from these schemes to improve their lives.

She said that Ministry of Minority Affairs was working on a war footing basis to improve the life-standard of Muslims in India and numerous welfare schemes of the Government of India were specially designed to improve the life of the modern Muslim community.

During her visit to Haryana, Andrabi visited many shrines managed by Waqf Board in Haryana and paid obeisance at the shrine of Hazrat Bu-Ali Shah Qalander Sahib at Panipat. She also visited the resting place of famous Urdu poet Altaf Hussain Haali.