Hasnain Masoodi for strengthening CWCs

National Conference senior leader and Member of Parliament, Hasnain Masoodi, Friday called for strengthening child protection structures.

While participating in a debate in the Lok Sabha on POCSO (Amendment) Act, he said, “The amendment proposes to prescribe minimum sentences for various categories of sexual assault ranging from five years to 20 years. It also provides for enhanced punishment for such categories, including imprisonment for remainder of biological life and even death sentence. The Bill also takes cognizance of pornography and provides for enhanced punishment where the offence also involves sexual assault.”

While supporting the Bill, Masoodi demanded that death sentence without discretion to the trial judge be restricted to cases where death of the victim occurs during commission of the offence or because of offence.

He emphasized that the child protection structures can play a big role in creating awareness, reporting and in prevention of child abuse.