Holi celebrated

Representational Photo. Source: Wikipedia/Steven Gerner

The coronavirus pandemic cast its shadow on the Holi celebrations in the state with roads wearing a deserted look and people preferring to stay indoors, celebrating the festival with their family members.

In Lucknow, the district administration had on March 23 said in view of the COVID-19 situation, rain dance parties, open dance programmes and other public gatherings had been prohibited till further orders.

A traditional procession of “laat sahib” on the occasion of Holi was taken out in Shahjahanpur. According to the 18th-century tradition, Holirevellers in this Uttar Pradesh town begin the celebrations by hurling footwear at the “laat sahib” procession, featuring a cart and a man personifying a British.

Police officials said the procession first reached the Phoolmati temple, from where it was taken to the Vishwanath temple. The procession was also taken to the Kotwali police station, where the “laat sahib” was given a salute.