MIB launches digital calender,diary for 2021

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Friday launched a digital calendar and diary for 2021, instead of printing them, which helped the ministry save nearly Rs five crore.

The launch event was held at National Media Center, where Union minister Prakash Javadekar, with the click of a button, unveiled the Android and iOS mobile applications of the calendar and diary.

“Every year we print close to 11 lakh calendars and 90,000 diaries but we have gone digital this year,” he told PTI.

Javadekar said the application ‘GoI Calendar’ is free and will be available in 11 languages from January 15.

“The app will do away with the need for a new calendar every year. Each month will carry a theme and an accompanying message, and will feature one famous Indian personality. The app will also inform people about the timeline of launch of various government programmes so far,” he said.