Shortage of over 9,000 officers in armed forces: Government

There is an overall shortage of 9,427 officers in the armed forces, the Lok Sabha was informed on Wednesday.

Minister of State for Defence Sripad Yesso Naik said this in a written reply to a question on the total strength of the Navy, Army and the Air Force at present and details on the shortage of manpower in each force.

He also shared detail figures on the strength of officers in the three armed forces (excluding Army Medical Corps, Army Dental Corps and Military Nursing Service).

The total authorised strength of Army officers as on January 1 this year is 50,312 and the ‘held strength’ is 42,913, thus a shortage of 7,399, according to data shared by the minister.

The total authorised strength of Navy officers as on June 1 this year is 11,557 and the ‘held strength’ is 10,012, thus a shortage of 1,545.

The total authorised strength of IAF officers as on June 1 this year is 12,625 and the ‘held strength’ is 12,142, thus a shortage of 483, according to data.

In response to another question on the total number of regiments existing in the Army along with the headquarters and their foundation days, Naik said, “Information cannot be divulged in the interest of national security.”

The minister also shared details on the strength of Personnel Below Officers Rank (PBOR), airmen, sailors in armed forces.

In the Army, the authorised strength is 12,23,381 and shortage of 38,235 as on January 1 this year, data said.

In Navy, the authorised strength is 74,046 and shortage of 16,806 as on June 1 this year.

In IAF, the authorised strength is 1,42,917 and shortage of 13,823 as on January 1 this year. Additionally, 10,486 ab initio trainees are undergoing training at various training institutes, data said. In response to another question, Naik said 232 Army personnel have been killed in various accidents in 2019 till date.