Trump ne hamein sabak sikhaya, says Farooq Abdullah in Parliament on tariff hike

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah on Friday saidthat United States President Donald Trump has taught India a “lesson” while referring to Trump’s recent comments asking India to withdraw “unacceptable” tariffs on American goods.

When asked on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments about terrorism and isolating Pakistan at G20 Summit in Osaka, Abdullah, according to ANI news agency said: “This is not new, he always talks of terrorism. Trump has taught us a good lesson (Trump ne bhi humein acha sabak sikhaya hai). Trump has asked India to reduce tariffs. Both leaders should talk on tariffs so that our relations with the US remain good. The US should also stay away from conflict.”

Abdullah also called for holding the assembly elections in the state. “When panchayat elections, Lok Sabha polls could be conducted in the state then the assembly elections can also be conducted in the state. It is beneficial for governance in the state that assembly elections are conducted as soon as possible.”

On Amit Shah’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir, the NC Chief said, “It is good that he visited the state as he is the Home Minister. He did not speak to us regarding that as his full attention was on reviewing the security in the ahead of the Amarnath Yatra.