Uttarakhand flash flood causes lake formation

The debris brought by the avalanche in Uttarakhand earlier this week has blocked a stream that joins the Rishi Ganga river forming a temporary lake which if breached can cause further damage in the valley, said a report by the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology.

According to its director Kalachand Sain, a team of scientists from the institute conducted an aerial survey of the upper reaches of the Rishi Ganga just a day after the Sunday avalanche and spotted the new glacial lake there.

The team took some photographs of the lake taken from a helicopter. It seems that the recent avalanche has led to its formation in the higher stretches of the Rishi Ganga’s catchment area, he said.

“Our scientists are examining the size of the lake, its periphery and the volume of water it contains to ascertain how big and immediate the danger from it is,” Sain told PTI.