A keen mind on Mathematics

Dr Qazi Mohammad Dawood was a rare combination of an intelligent scholar and an intellectual life

A mathematician, painter, son, husband, brother and a doting father – Dr Qazi Mohammad Dawood was all of this and much more. His gentle character and compassionate nature had become legendary within his family and circle of friends and his brilliance as a student had earned him the affection and admiration of his teachers both in Kashmir and in the U.S. 

Dawood was born in Islamabad in an academically oriented family. His father was Kashmir’s well-known poet mathematician Prof. Qazi Ghulam Mohammad. Dawood excelled in his studies from an early age and went on to earn three gold medals for his academic achievements which included  first position in both B.Sc. and M.Sc. He got his Ph.D. in mathematics from Syracuse University in USA and after teaching stints in the US and Saudi Arabia he returned to Kashmir in 2002 and joined Kashmir University’s mathematics department.

Dawood was a popular teacher and had a keen mind for mathematics. He was a rare combination of an intelligent scholar and an intellectual life. He was also an accomplished artist and had won art competitions as a young student.

Underneath his gentle demeanor and patient attitude there existed a brilliant sense of humor that reflected his sharp intellect. But  only his family and close friends knew this side of him.  He had a zest for life that could not be diminished by a long-term illness that affected the later years of his young life. He embraced life and its challenges with a smiling face. His remarkable resilience became an inspiration for those whose lives he touched.

Dawood passed away on May 14 in Srinagar. In his death Kashmir lost a talented soul who had yet much to offer.