A letter from daughter to her father....

When will all fathers treat their daughters like their sons

Nayeema Ahmad Mahjoor
Srinagar, Publish Date: Jun 19 2018 12:12AM | Updated Date: Jun 19 2018 12:12AM
A letter from daughter to her father....

Dear old father,

It might sound funny that I am writing to you at the time when you are very old and have left your life, inheritance and decision making in the hands of your son who by the dint of misfortune happens to be my younger brother.

What a harsh reality to come to terms with, that my brother has not an iota of respect for my mother and I still expect a miracle will happen one day when he will realize he has a sister to support in times of her misfortune.

We, daughters are always alone and have to fight our war all alone since the moment our parents realize the sex of the foetus inside the mother's womb. Be it a fight against the aborting of foetus, face malnutrition during childhood or juggle to carry on education despite odds and objections from family to society to patriarchy.

I have no grudges against you or my mother who always behaved like a dumb cow when any issue relating me was being discussed in the family. She was dreading harsh reaction always from you, like she will be kicked out of home or left to spend cold nights in cowshed that then,  became my routine of life when I dared to raise my voice against you.

You remember at the time of my marriage, you became so furious at the mere mention of my share in property instead of taking dowery to my in- laws because a little trouseau I got from you and in laws was snatched from me within the first seven days of my honeymoon. I was advised to keep it safe in the bank. My father, I never saw it again, even mehar was taken by my God-fearing husband. It makes me to puke often when i think about it.

Last Saturday was my 17th marriage anniversary which I have named "seventeen years of slavery and humiliation". We live false life and are masters of charade, and make us look like a "one happy and ideal family". My foot.  I call it my slow death, which has robbed me of my pride, prestige and self esteem. It has given me only pain and agony in my life which had no love, respect or relief into it. 

Believe me, after spending twenty five years with you as your daughter and seventeen years of marriage, I do not own a single penny or property, neither in your house nor at my in-laws. I was forced to spend many nights outside in the cold winter when I was declared a damaged good and humiliated under one pretext or other. 

Yes, every time, I knocked your door, that was closed for me because your son has got divine right to own it and even throw you and mother out on the street. You never complain about it but when I demanded my inheritance according to Sharia, I was being abused along with my religion and every door got shut upon me. 

You know,  why I keep crying these days because I feel guilty of eating somebody's bread, or having been born of parents who wanted to abort me and living in a stranger's house or having children with man who never considered me his wife. I have lived enough a life of slave who has no  voice and no power to object to this deception I been put through.

Recently, I have been directed to leave house for ever without a penny, property and children and I am dreading that you will again  hold me responsible for this incident. 

I am tired of all this treachery and cannot take it any more but before I finish my life. Can you fulfil my last wish. Just accept the responsibility of my "bad upbringing and robbing me of making my own destiny when you restricted me from going to college after I passed matriculation. In case, you want to repent, advise all fathers to treat girls as equal as boys.


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