A saga of similar DNA

With election game on with full swing around I see a sad tale of decay. I don’t see a winner or a loser but a failing nation. A nation which stood tall with its democratic credentials looked at with envy by one and all looks like a pale shadow of a promising future. With waning pride and heavy heart, I look around for some takeaways but find the battle hard.

I see the candidates intimidating the voters to vote for them or face the wrath! Classic example of goons taking over the political sphere. Never ever I heard this before; winner represented the entire constituency and infact tried to win over the adversaries by working for them as well.

As if this was not enough the elite ruling party BJP nominates Pragya Singh Thakur as their candidate from Bhopal. She is one of the principal conspirators of the Melagaon blast which left six dead and 101 injured on September 29, 2008. Her motorcycle carried the IED and she enquired as to why the casualties were less! Do we really think she is fit to enter our esteemed Parliament, our pride!

This is nothing but a hate politics being promoted and we are lapping onto it. We don’t want progressive ambience but a regressive one.

Britishers sowed the seeds of deep hatred and mistrust amongst the two major communities of India and we are still carrying the notion as if losing generations together to this hate was not enough.

This theory bays for blood again and again. Right-winged want us to believe that all miseries whether it is economic doom, failed demonetization, failed Kashmir policy has only one solution-“annihilate the minorities”!

Augmenting the lynchings – infact harassing the victims propagated this venomous emotion. The ruling class showcased their intent pretty clearly. Becoming a bigot and actually showing the pride at becoming one sadly has become the norm! And our forces who die every day for the cause of nation have been dangerously involved in this toxic mixture of religion, patriotism and politics. Ask a mother who loses her child for the love of the country and not for petty politics.

However, communalism is like a Frankenstein monster which spares none – not even its creator. Indian Muslims to their credit have responded with utmost dignity and calm.

I have a personal theory to this- I believe Muslim community has been through the right winged onslaught within their community and know that it spares no one and our majority community is moving towards this onslaught which brings nothing but bad blood and miseries.

Certain messages just miss a point with me-“Save Hindutav,!”  They believe centuries old Hinduism which sparkled in its flexibility needs a messiah-phew I definitely need a mental renewal here.

With educated lot failing to gauge the repercussions of this divide politics I as an aware Indian brace myself for the primitive days ahead , after all I too have the same DNA!

Ps: I am ready to be called an anti-national but sorry cant be thrown to the other side of the border!