AAP has defined new rules of the game in Delhi which other political parties will be compelled to follow

AAP has defined new rules of the game in Delhi which other political parties will be compelled to follow

The broom sweeps Lotus and Hand off Delhi

With this mammoth victory, AAP has defined new rules of the game in Delhi which other political parties will be compelled to follow. Though it is well earned time for  jubilation and celebration, Kejriwal, however, cannot have this  luxury  for a long as people’s expectations have soared beyond a limit and they will start expecting some magic to begin flowing  from his broom shortly. Litmus test for Kejriwal , the Chief Minister will begin from the day he is sworn in. 

It is a wipe out. There can’t be any better description of what happened to India’s two biggest parties in today’s Delhi election results. The ‘muffler’ has given such a great push to the ‘designer suit’ that the latter is virtually out of reckoning.  None ever in the history of Delhi Assembly elections, the BJP and Congress had faced such a humiliation.  There was always been a direct fight between the Congress and the BJP, with hardly any third political entity having a presence. The AAP has changed it, and changed it forever.  

The grand old party (Congress) is completely decimated – it will have no one to bear it flag at the assembly. The BJP – despite putting all its mite to defeat ‘aam aadmi’ by not only deploying  hundreds of  MPs, ministers , top leaders but also its trump card and mascot, Narendra Modi has been reduced to abysmally low figure of 3 that it cannot even claim for leader of opposition position. It is a poetic justice in a true sense. The BJP got paid in the same coin as it had denied the LoP to the Congress after Lok Sabha elections in May last year.  

The party is trying hard to save Modi from the onslaught for this gigantic embarrassment and deflect it by denying that it was a referendum against Modi, but sadly it would not be that easy to Modi to disown this defeat when he has taken credit to many victories.

The historical win for the AAP throws open many new chapters in the electoral politics. AAP has written a new set of rules of the game and other parties will be forced to follow it. The advertising blitzkrieg, high profile road shows and public meetings, millions of minutes of airtime and high sounding sloganeering was defeated by simple technique of man to man and door to door connect by AAP. It was Arvind Keriwal who when went to mohallas to  meet people, his hand was clasped, he was hugged and garlanded by the poor, lower middle class and marginalised dilli walas  as if he was one of the. He presented a complete contrast from the chic and well groomed netas of the BJP and the Congress who hardly had any `connect’ with the people.  Similarly, in the Prime Minister Modi’s public meetings at the last leg of campaigning, people came , were herded beyond multi-layered security cordon and barricading . They sat, saw and listened Modi in awe and left. He was a larger than life figure for them- definitely not one of them like Kejriwal. 

Last heard, common brooms (Jhaadu) are much in demand in Delhi right from the time election trends starts pouring in. Its prices have shot up from Rs 40 to 100 in different localities. After all, this age old simple broom has cleansed many ills of conventional political discourse and has brought in a new dictum that no one can ignore common people’s aspirations. The politics of symbolism and high pitched verbosity works no more when it comes to mundane issues like water, power, sewer, road, and security and corruption free life.   

Kejriwal has rightly said that this mammoth win brings onerous responsibility on him and that `it is scary’. Scary it could be because he has rekindled hope in the people and 2 crore people of Delhi have high hopes of him.  He has no excuse now with an absolute majority in the house and cannot blame anyone for its non deliverance. 

The people have gone through such hopes in earlier as well but those were sadly belied. It was for the first time in 1977 that a political giant like Mrs Indira Gandhi was defeated by Janata Party and people hoped for a new kind of politics and governance. Then in 1984, Rajiv Gandhi was given a massive mandate with an unprecedented 404 but had failed to cleanse the system and became a part of the old rot.  2014 saw a new messiah in Modi who rose from a humble tea seller to the PM but his nine months in office could not save his party from a shameful rout in Delhi today. 

Kejriwal has another serious problem- except a handful, he does not have a good and competent people to join his cabinet. His compulsion will be to reward his old loyalists with the ministerial berths whether he or she fits the bills or not.  He will have to understand that governance is a serious business and managing money and spending prudently is not as easy it might sound. He has already promised freebies and concessions that will cost government exchequer around 1lakh 40 thousand crores while Delhi’s revenue is of just Rs 44,000 crore.  

Time has come for Kejriwal to take out his magic wand and remove all the problems and crises of Deli ites, deliver his promises and throw all corrupt in jails.  The same people who are celebrating his emergence as their new messiah will not wait for long if he fails to deliver. 

You time will start soon,  Mr.  Chief Minister.