About our High Schools

“Requirement of teachers will be carried out through a robust process based on projections for the number of teachers needed, taking into consideration the requirements for subject teachers as well as special teachers at all schools within a school complex”.  This is what has been written in the vision document of new India (NEP-2019). If we take thorough review of teacher pupil ration and look at the teachers’ requirement more particularly at high school level with regard to J & K state, it reflects a grim picture. The teacher-pupil ratio is quite disproportionate. There are reports reflected in media from time to time that there are some schools that have no student enrolled but government has still posted two or three teachers there in contrast to the recommended pupil-teacher ratio. When a common man seeks the reasons from the concerned officials about this disparity, the answer is that the posts are sanctioned against the particular school not against the Zone or Complex. The previous state government in power developed the timely mechanism to address this problem, they ordered the rationalization of staff and clubbing of schools with low enrolment but all those measures didn’t yield desirable results. In fact, it created chaos and confusion among the students who are considered as the prime beneficiaries of any education policy. One of the main drawbacks of this rationalization initiative is that it is the temporary arrangement not a permanent solution. Mostly this rationalization process occurs in the mid-session of the academic calendar or at the end. Students are compelled to complete their syllabi under two or three tutors in one academic session which the experts of education psychology don’t endorse. Another concern; no consideration is given to subject teachers mainly at high school level which is need of the hour because our curriculum has changed a lot.  Our Science/ mathematics books are practical oriented and our English books contain the lessons which based on abstraction – Drama and Novel. How can a teacher who himself is stranger to that particular subject do justice with that subject is a big question. Such questions are usually answered by those who are at the helm of affairs with a smiling face: “Govt School ma chalta hai”.  Unfortunately, In various government schools teachers with non-science background are asked to take science classes because the old aged title is associated with him – General Line Teacher. He/she is supposed to teach any subject whether well versed in that particular subject or not. There are instances where one particular school is staffed with more than two subject teachers and another school falling within the jurisdiction of same zone is without subject teacher.

The scope of improvement is always there for every process or policy. Let us hope the new way of posting/requirement process at the School complex level  as envisaged in NEP-2019 brings positive change in our education system. Let this new process replace our traditional mode of requirement/posting and due consideration be given to the areas like pupil teacher ratio, the need of the subject in a particular school. Also may it fulfil the needs of specially gifted students by appointing at least one teacher having obtained professional course like B.Ed in special education. It is our collective belief of teacher that if these recommendation will be implemented with sincerity and dedication, it will have a good impact on overall education process. Our whole education system will not only become goal oriented but will also enable the school administration to exploit the human resource effectively within the system which is available to us in the form of best and qualified teachers

Haroon Rashid Bhat is Teacher BMS- Dignibal Zone, Ganderbal.