Agents of change in Kashmir


Youth  is the most important and dynamic segment of the population in any country. It is believed that developing countries with large youth population could see tremendous growth, provided they invest in young people’s education, health and protect and guarantee their rights. We can undoubtedly say that today’s young are tomorrow’s innovators, creators, builders and leaders.

But they need the required support in terms of good health and opportunities skills to transform the future. The economic trigger happens when a county’s more hands to work available than more mouths to feed. To put it succinctly, the working-age population has to be larger than  the dependent population.

Kashmir’s development is in the hands of the young people :

Almost 60 per cent of the Kashmirs  population consists of youth. They have the power to change the wholesome situation of the kashmir valley . The young minds of Kashmir  are  more fresh and innovative which will be  helpful in the progress of the region as well as the  country. But adequate opportunities should be given to the youth of kashmir valley  to represent  their ideas and policies for the uplift of the region which has been neglected the two dynatys ruling Kashmir from last 30 years  and continuously exploiting youth of Kashmir for their personal political agendas. Introducing young minds is only way to express the ideas and to implement their policies in politics. Young people of Kashmir valley should be motivated to take part in politics and to occupy the high positions in important decision making sector’s which has not been given from last 30 year’s by two ruling dynatys .

Knowledge and unity speak a lot rather than experience. For instance, a mass protest by the youth in the Marina beach for Jallikattu is a prominent example of the strength of youth. If the ruling power is given in the hands of the youth, then definitely kashmir  will become developed region  in coming times .

Youth can be an antidote to bad governance and corruption :

They have the power to change. Education programs should aim to teach and young minds right from the school level the importance of choosing the right people who would take charge of governance. Conventionally, youth have been asked to keep away from politics in Kashmir valley. Youth of Kashmir  should be motivated to consider politics as a means to serve their region as well as their  nation very importantly . They should be oriented on anti-corruption drives with a focus on prevention, education, and strategies for fighting corruption. Good governance is realistic with youth empowerment.

The pivotal role of a youth who are afresh with ideas and not ideals will help in this movement towards a transparent civil society structure which can influence the political administration for the benefit of the society. For Eg: Youth Arts and Sports Club on a prominent site in Kerala’s villages had a dual role to encourage youths participation in social and political activities through awareness and also empowering the people for rights and assisting them at various levels.

Over the years, this has decreased owing to the relative unimportance and support given by the political and state machinery in promoting such youth initiatives, in spite of the fact that they were effective systems to encourage youth towards politics and disseminate information at the grassroots level. It is only through a strong system of representation that democracy work and it is only through a strong youth representation that the dynamism and vigour of a country be maintained.

It is therefore important to acknowledge the role of civil society of Kashmir to empowering youth towards strengthening of the democratic system of the country. The solution lies to effectively utilize modern tools in disseminating the belief among youth on their participation  and representation  in democracy through civil society  initiatives .

Youths are problem solvers :

Kashmir need them to resolve most of our problems. Kashmir valley  is facing a lot of problems, and I believe that youths are capable of solving them. They just need to be given a chance to prove themselves. Youths have the power to unite individuals in the six ethnic groups. Racism is an ongoing issue around the world. Individuals are fighting against each other because of the complexion of  their skin and the texture of  their hair .

Religion is another issue, the youths can convince their fellow man to live in peace and love. All of us are one and we should not allow these little differences to push us away from each other.

There is also a lot of crime taking place. Women are being killed by their abusive husbands. Person’s homes, businesses, are being broken into. All of this crime and violence needs to stop. The youth once more has the ability to bring about a change in their country .

Youths seem to have the ability to face any challenges and problems. They have a positive influence on their fellow young people. They are able to teach them the positive things in life.

The ones who are destroying their future, they tend to listen to their fellow youths. They will make them understand the importance of a good education.

The wise youths that we have out there should be taken into consideration. Some of them, though educated are unemployed. They should be given an opportunity to expose their intelligence to the world and make themselves  into someone. Some organisations and other firms should assist the youths; so they can make our land a great and educated one. They will make a huge difference in society and the entire world. The youths are our life and nation They will make our country proud. The country will be recognized. The youth of Kashmir  just need support from their fellow citizens and they will perform their duties.

Conclusion In conclusion, the role of the youth in building Naya Kashmir is crucial. They are problem solvers, have a positive influence on other . young people are extremely ambitious. They have the ability to create an identity for themselves and move the nation forward as well as their region . However, they will not be able to do this without the support of  Government  of india and fellow youth of kashmir valley we all have to do this together and build Naya Kashmir . So the youth of valley can make their beautiful land flourish and shine in success and play important role in nation building too