All killings must stop

Greater Kashmir

Human life has a value and that needs to be acknowledged

Recent Tral encounter has claimed many precious lives including that of an Army Colonel M.N Rai. The killing of Colonel has made whole of India feel the pain, and rightly so.

National media has been continuously condemning those who glorified the militants  killed in the encounter. Let their be no doubt that people in Kashmir do also share the pain of the Colonel’s family, as they have seen hundreds and thousands of coffins during last 27 years.

Kashmiris know better what a killing, an orphan or a widow means. It is easy to debate the killings in media, seminars and other platforms, but the real victims seldom get benefited by all this. Security Forces claim to be fighting terrorists who are keen on disturbing peace, while as militants claim to be fighting for the resolution of Kashmir issue, arguing that Government of India has avoided a peaceful resolution.

Indian politicians and intellectuals feel irked when somebody calls the deceased militants as martyrs. Similarly for those who don’t want to be part of Indian state, the Indian Army is an occupation force and as such justify the killing of security forces.

However, real humans must feel the pain when anybody belonging to any side gets killed, under whatsoever circumstances. Whether Separatists pay tributes to two militants or State of India mourns the death of Colonel Rai, the families of the three are the best to judge what a dead body means. If we are real humans then rather  then debating  killings we need to ensure that all killings must stop; the mothers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, fathers, spouses, relatives, and friends should not receive coffins of their beloved ones.

The only way to ensure it is that the political dispute is resolved. Let there be no doubt that Colonel Rai would have been competent and brave soldier and those glorifying his sacrifice have every right and reason to do that; and the same way the two deceased militants have made the people believing in their ideology to praise them. But all this can neither bring life of the Colonel Rai, nor that of militants back. Assuming for a while that before the encounter started, some mediators would have managed to get the beloved mothers  of the colonel and the militants to the site of encounter; what would it mean. 

My humble question to all those alleged traitors and self claimed patriots is that what would have been the response of the three mothers?  Obviously they would have begged before their beloved children and definitely compelled them not to fire even a single bullet. Even if given a chance they would have begged Modi, Nawaz Sharif, Salauhudin, or someone else to stop politicising the human tragedies, so that mothers don’t lose their children.

For every mother a son is a son whether he is an Army colonel or a Hizb militant. Without taking anybody’s side let it be clear that GoI has a much bigger responsibility and role to ensure that normalcy is restored in the state. For that it has to ensure peace, and needs to walk an extra mile. Rather than banking on America it should try to reconcile with Pakistan, and the Kashmiri people; who despite knowing that state calls the deceased militants as terrorists attend their funereal in thousands. It is understood that when a terrorist gets killed anywhere people do celebrate but why they mourn the deaths of militants in Kashmir is a question that Indians need to answer, in their own interests.

The last thing which we need to remember is that GoI has talked not only to Hurriyat but also top militant commanders in the past and it would be better, rather than showing arrogance, to resolve Kashmir, and help the sub-continent to get peace and prosperity.

Let those who were claiming Obama to get stars and moon for India understand that White-House has given Indians a honeymoon gift by saying that Taliban are not terrorists.