An Agenda of Hope

I was very much serious, and claimed with strong belief, reasoning, and logic that People’s United Front (PUF), that came into existence as a result of alliance between AIP & JKPM, is ‘Agenda of hope’. I will never ever snatch from my opponents, as well as well-wishers, the right to have positive criticism of my policies, to have discussion on sensitive issues, or to acknowledge and endorse their fruitful suggestions. That is why, not only me, but Dr. Shah Faesal also time and again appealed masses to put forward their suggestions and cross examine us. However, no one, especially our political opponents should throw stones at us or try to downplay the significance of PUF, just to justify their own huge failures and history of broken promises. Those raising the concern that the vote in Kashmir valley may get divided, are doing in fact not only disservice to the people of state but are also insulting and challenging the wisdom of a common voter. Does NC & PDP believe that there should be a two party system and no one else should join the politics; and if anyone still intends to do so, he should be straight away labelled as an agent. Winder, what even a master agent is capable of doing as NC & PDP have already done all the job since 1931. Now even if Geelani Sahab, Mirwaiz, & other pro-resistance leader are ready to act as proxies of New Delhi, they have hardly anything to surrender.

It looks strange but laughable that NC leadership, despite being mother of all evil, accuses Shah Faesal and Er. Rasheed of working on someone’s agenda to divide votes of Kashmir valley. How long will NC sell late Sheikh Sahab’s contribution, ignoring that what Kashmiris are facing today is only because of the wrong politics played by Sheikh Sahab and his colleagues from time to time. Let NC leaders not forget that whatsoever good Sheikh Sahab did with Kashmiris, the party has been reaping its dividends since decades. And when NC’s deception made Kashmiris feel tired, they were forced to take arms. Then how Kashmiris got buried in graveyards is part of history & NC cannot exonerate itself from all this tragedy. Every Kashmiri leader needs to realize that his personal likes and dislikes are of no significance as compared to miseries of people of J&K. It is astonishing that on the one hand NC & PDP are pretending to  feel worried about division of votes in Kashmir but on the other hand they have surrendered their regional character by not contesting even a single seat from Jammu or Ladakh provinces and more surprisingly both were pitched against each other only in Kashmir valley in recently concluded parliament elections. Should NC not answer that if it is worried about mandate getting divided in Kashmir valley, why didn’t the party join hands with others. Without making it personal let us not forget that Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti and Sajad Lone are all just seeking rehabilitation for themselves and need to realize that both Er. Rasheed and Shah Faesal burnt their boats by giving up Government jobs, and went against the tide. Had we been opportunists we would have gone for the alliance on the eve of parliament elections and it would have made a huge difference.

We took our time to follow certain principles rather then caring for our egos. Who doesn’t know that Shah Faesal announced his support to Er. Rasheed just through a Facebook post and that too just two days ahead of polls. Isn’t it a fact that AIP and PC took equal number of votes and AIP finished top in five Assembly segments and was runner-up in four others.  If Sonawari & Handwara are taken out from the Baramulla Parliamentary Constituency then AIP is ahead in the entire North Kashmir. However, we respect people’s verdict but feel hurt that despite lack of resources and organized party structure, we finished so close, but are being accused of dividing votes as if voting for anyone else other than NC, PDP or PC is a crime. Let me conclude by asking  the NC leadership a simple question, that can you please offer any concrete unity proposal which should be aimed at fighting for final resolution to political dispute in accordance with the sentiments, aspirations and sacrifices of masses and must fulfil the will of people keeping in view historic perspective of J&K dispute. Should Er. Rasheed sacrifice and surrender his indigenous ideology for which he suffered everywhere, only for the reason that NC & PDP must get into the corridors of power. Let me assure the readers, it will never happen and we will be always there for our people and for their rights. We  will prove our critics wrong as usual. Let Mehbooba and Omar Abdulla not worry about fractured mandate as PUF will prove an agenda of hope and replace the dead wood from the political spectrum of J&K.