Animal Abuse in Winter

Morden man is a mere opportunist, who leaves no chance to exploit the natural resource. He is madly after his self gain and his  greed is endless. He fully knows how to satisfy his needs, wants & demands irrespective of their source & outcome. He hardly cares about the just, fair, ethical & moral ways to fulfil these desires. He mostly adopts short cuts. Being materialistic he even exploits helpless animals. In spring & summer, he uses these poor creatures for commercial purpose but in winters he uses displays his oppressions & cruelty. As soon as winter approaches, the man displays his negligence towards these animals especially horses, donkeys, mules. Since in Kashmir, five elements namely electricity, transport, human nature, circumstances & climate are most unpredictable; as the climate changes so does human behaviour. The owners abuse animals because of them being silent & submissiv. We can say animals are murdered for their being kind & serviceible. Their sin is only their lack of speech. Is it fair to frame laws for men only. Do animals not have a legal or moral right to justice.

Nowadays, man has completely lost the sense of justifice & equity. As we need food, warmth & shelter, so do the animals. The wrath of man towards these animals can never be forgiven.

Animals are our ancient friends & that’s why they seek shelter in our homes. But man sets them free in the chill of winters, when the temp is sub zero, without food & shelter. It is a matter of grave concern; this inhuman attitude needs to be changed. How callous are we! How we exploit these creatures!

Even the devil would be surprised over this treatment of animals by the man. If simple visual inspections are done, one will come to know that this type of animal abuse is worst and is increasing year by year. I was shattered when I come across a Facebook image where many horses were wandering hungry in these winter days. My grief knew no bounds when I saw one of them dead, because of hunger & shivering cold. I wept bitterly. If we have no courage to keep these animals in winter, then we have no right to use these animals in summers. Our conscience is dead, and our sense of judgement is lost. Being humans, we shall avoid this practice of gross exploitation.

Parvaiz Abdi is a teacher in government school DH Pora, Kulgam