Another Soul Shaking Tragedy

File Image of Advocate Babar Qadri: Image Source/ Facebook

I felt searing pain the moment my colleague Dr. Sameer Shalla from Sopore informed me about the cold blooded murder of Advocate Babar Qadri. I was speechless. I was deeply choked and couldn’t dare to see his blood soaked body on Facebook. In that split second, assassins caused irreparable damage to his family. Life won’t be same again for them. How could his wife and two daughters get to terms with this tragic loss.

Their world is incomplete and insignificant without him. In a fraction of second, their beautiful world turned upside down. How painful it would have been when his two little daughters saw the last glimpse of the dead body. They are wounded and wailing. 26th Sep was the first Sunday after Barbar’s death which was celebrated as Daughters Day. Father’s share special bond with their daughters and always make them feel extra special. Sadly, two angels of Babar are orphans now and no one can replace their father. Shaheed Babar’s father had his own share of struggles and sufferings. He had fought many tough odds but this one is the hardest battle for him. Imagine how difficult it could have been for him to remain so composed while shouldering the coffin of his son.This tragedy is going to haunt them always.

My fingers were shaking while typing this piece in the loving memory of my most dear friend Babar Qadri. I was feeling as if the same bullet is piercing deep inside my heart. He was a virtuous and vivacious person. I could not comprehend the reasons that led to his tragic death. I am restless and experiencing incessant bouts of anger and agony. I am shocked and shattered. He was fearless, who never chose to skirt the issues. He was a person full of love and life.

He was a born leader. He was bold and brilliant, confident and capable student. He was enthusiastic sports person and loved to play cricket. Everyone enjoyed his company immensely. He was amicable with everyone. He could easily and instantly strike a chord with others and win their hearts. His charismatic personality made him most lovable person among his comrades. He was a happy go humble person. With a smiling face, he always radiated positivity. He was a rare gem and a thorough gentleman.

I was neither familiar with his professional life nor political affiliations as I was settled in UAE and away from  home for more than 14 years. I was not knowing he had become a prominent lawyer and used to participate in TV debates.

I was not knowing he was treading such a dangerous path. It was just a  month ago, when I met him at Nehru Park after a span of more than 15 years. We jogged up our best past memories and laughed our hearts out. He kept a very low profile without bragging about his endeavors. It was only after sometime when I noticed his presence in one of the TV debates. He handled the difficult situations with aplomb. He was not caught in an ethical dilemma. He dared to call a spade a spade. Truth has been the casualty in Kashmir. One has to pay the price for being upright.

I am not here to discuss his political stand and affiliations. I am grieving that we have lost a noble soul whose absence will be always felt. His death has created a deep void. We have lost one more intellectual to this conflict. He might have left this materialistic world but his noble deeds will be never forgotten. He will always live in our hearts and stir our consciousness to be on the path of righteousness.

Shaheed Babar was a battle hardened lawyer. He was fearless and selfless. He had fought numerous cases without charging a single penny from destitute and down trodden. Not just that, he would also take care of their basic needs. He helped them whole heartedly. He never brushed the truth under the carpet. He always stood firm to his principles and fought like a warrior.

Bottomline :
Violence only begets violence. We have to put an end to this madness and bloodshed. With the passage of time, those who commit such crimes, will be also consumed by this conflict. This fire is going to engulf you as well. Somewhere down the line you have to pay for your crimes. The cycle of Karma will make you repent for the sins you committed on innocents. You can never have peace of mind. You have the blood of innocents on your hands.