Blatant show of double standards

Patel who was beaten up by US policemen in Madison City, suffered injury for his only fault that he could understand English but could not speak the same.
Blatant show of double standards
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Thrashing a Gujrati Indian citizen in United States few days back drew worldwide attention. Mr. Patel who was beaten up by US policemen in Madison City, suffered injury for his only fault that he could understand English but could not speak the same.

Indian media and authorities made much hue and cry, and rightly so. Americans were giving the only reply that law will take its own course.

I am not here to defend Americans but the fact of the matter is that American law really took its course and video footage of the incident was made available to public including Indian media, who rightly used the opportunity to abuse and expose Americans for inhuman act of manhandling a Gujrati citizen.

Within hours, police chief of Madison city made an unconditional apology before the international media. Not only that, but Mr. Parker (the accused police officer) was handcuffed and put behind the bars and also terminated from services.

Americans also offered a huge compensation worth lakhs of dollars to the victim, against the compromise outside the court. However, Indian media continued crying, accusing action to be insufficient. For days together, Indians were delivering sermons of human rights and morality to Americans in a very rough and tough language through national news channels.

May one ask the nationalist Indian media that why and how the killers of Surab-u-Din and his wife from the same Gujrat got acquitted from the case and how did Mr. Amit Shah, the prime accused became so darling of the Indian media?  

While this all hue and cry was on, in its own "Atoot Aang" the Indian security forces killed Mr. Manzoor Ahmad, an innocent youth of Palhallan in a cold blooded manner for none of his fault. In fact as a preemptive measure police had raided the houses in Palhallan as protest march was expected next day to demand return of mortal remains of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat.

The State DGP shamelessly tried to pass the buck and run away from the his responsibility by accusing separatists, as if they were firing gun shots, pellets, tear smoke shells and missiles from their drawing rooms. Very next day one more killing took place in Zurhama Kupwara and the same police tried to give a cover to the dirty act by claiming that deceased had fled from the police custody.

Obviously the argument has no takers and people had a right and reason to protest. But to prove themselves more loyal than the king, security forces didn't allow the locals to mourn the death and shamefully a special army vehicle was seen patrolling the markets of Kupwara carrying a banner threatening protestors to flee or face bullets and police chased peaceful protestors everywhere from mosques to hospitals.

 Ironically these two brutal killings couldn't become a single line news for the same Indian media who shook the world community over thrashing a Gujrati. By maintaining criminal silence over two brutal killing in Kashmir, Indian media and intellectuals created ample proof that Kashmiris can neither be Gujratis nor Indians. Indian media never showed moral courage to ask GoI if it could compel Paksitan to take Ajmal Kasab's body back, why it didn't hand over bodies of Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru to their families, whom Indians claimed to be their citizen.

There can't be double standards. Let Indians rise to the occasion and listen to the wakeup call. If they can cry for rights of their citizens in America and else where which legal and moral authority allows them to slaughter Kashmiris. Indian judicial system miserably failed to give justice to Kashmiris as every time the so called national interest creates barricades in allowing judiciary to probe incidents of human rights violations.

Those crying for justice to Mr. Patel never ever asked the army top brasses how could punishing perpetrators of  Kunan-Poshpora mass rape be something dangerous for India's national interest? Why does it take so long to take to task those in uniform who killed innocents in Machil, Pathribal and elsewhere in fake encounters?  

Let Indian media and intellectuals introspect and compel the State to change the yard sticks and ensure justice and respect to all irrespective of cast , creed and religion.

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