Bookshelf | Doctor and the Mountains: Demigods of Gurez

Greater Kashmir

About the BOOK:

Escapades of a practicing doctor in Gurez depicting the remarkable challenges he faced at every step of his perilous journey to reach places and carry out treatments. On either side of epiphany in mountains there were amazing revelations.  What followed is chronicled in this book compiled as an anthology of disparate events as they took shape. Each story ended in a philosophical discovery. Mountains of Gurez have compelling beauty, power and personality.  They inhabit demigods. Each story is a manifestation of an important event. For that reason alone if we open at random any page of the book to read, a new story will unfold. The narrative in the first person is based on experiences true to that period of time and reflects a sequence of events in its history passed on to the author by the indigenous people.  The spine of the total project revolves around the practice of traditional medicine faced with a testing environment of epiphany within the mountains of Gurez.

The demigods that are omnipresent look after people within snow-clad mountain ranges while they remain incarcerated for six months of the year with little hope of travel across in an emergency.   What happens if the doctor faces a serious health problem himself?   It is a daunting prospect as we shall see.

About the Author

Dr Abdul Majid Siraj is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and worked as a Consultant Surgeon in UK.  Relieved of the commitment to the heavy workload at retirement he turned to write articles for newspapers and journals.  There are two books to his name published in England that are derivative of the subject of social sciences.  He obtained a diploma from Bradford University on international security and peace studies.