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About the Book

In the 1700s, Gulliver in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver‘s Travels sailed across the seven seas to unknown lands what he came across in his travels and his experiences has been absolutely amazing and mesimerising for all readers, all through.

Over two centuries thence, humans are connected to the aliens and are gifted the technology to take cosmic distances. Able to to travel to anywhere in the cosmos thus, it is Swit and Chen Riza in Riaz Amin’s The Wondercraft Mission sailing across the high seas of space and time into the wildernesses – unknown. The book details the fantastic travels and is a visual guide for the readers, as the Rizas embark on the intergalactic expedition to find starkly different life, hither and thither in the universe.

The Wondercraft Mission goes into the cultures, customs, and myths of two extraterrestrial species, one far behind and the other far ahead of humankind, with man of course, better placed at the middle. It is a story of intergalactic adventure with philosophical undertones and what transpires is a oneness in the life across the distances and a likeness in the problems confronting the species populating the universe.

The book is simply written telling of ‘things’: it does not provide answers but prompts the readers to dig these out for them. The readers ought to take their time with it, as the story is bound to stay with them for long. The language of writing is new and fresh, which does not take long to get familiar with. The book is scientific, yet simple enough for even non-enthusiasts to enjoy.

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About the Author

Born in the saffron town of Pampore, the author is an alumnus of the erstwhile Regional Engineering College, Srinagar. He has been a public functionary in the Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir and has called it a day a few years before.

Deeply fascinated by astronomy from the early youth, he has all along been  gathering as much of it as he could. Been wondering at the same time, what the heavens could be holding, led him to give words to his visions of heavens and heavenly travel and to come out with the space odyssey – The Wondercraft Mission.