Can technology replace the role of a teacher?

During the last few decades there has been a tremendous increase in the inventions which have transfigured human life. Being a student or a teacher in  the 21st century means you are living in a digital era. Consequently, the speedily changing technological landscape has put students and teachers in the crosshairs. It is also  a matter of fact that the internet is an ocean of knowledge. We can get material about any subject matter on earth, but there is no credibility of this bulk of information. Learners all need proper guidance from the teachers at all stages of learning. Now a days technology is becoming a fundamental slice of every modern classroom. In the educational context, technology refers to any device used to supplement and enhance students learning. In the 21st century, it has enabled us to make such great strides that our ancestors could only dream of.

While many teachers are excited by technology and  are focused in the ways in which they can use it to enhance their teaching skills, others are concerned by its rapid development and ponder whether they themselves could eventually be replaced by technological gadgets.

In my opinion, technology can never replace a teacher, study materials available online is undoubtedly a blessing but student still need a teacher for better comprehension of  the study material. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is in vogue but it can’t replace a human teacher. Though it can make students read or do maths but teaching emotional and social skills is far more complex. It is only the teacher who can show emotions just like sympathy, empathy even co -operation. We can’t expect emotional touch from technological gadgets. Similarly, real time face to face interaction is lacking in online courses while as this can be easily done in the classroom. Teachers can make a boring topic interesting and appealing for the  students by way of promoting the art of imagination in them.

Technology is a tool and a purposeful  servant.  If  the teacher  is alienated,  they will not only develop antipathy but also won’t be able to use the techniques in any effective  manner. It is obvious that in this digital era, teachers can never lose their importance. Even we can’t expect any replacement of human beings by any machine.

Moreover, the contribution of a teacher is important and will be in future too because it is only the teacher who uses eclectic method (meaning the fusion of knowledge from all sources) in the classroom that is  a blend of all the teaching approaches which will help them to make teaching-learning process successful and purposeful. Technology cannot act as a role model, it is only a teacher who can play such a vital role. The good qualities like patience, etiquettes and the teaching skills can only be inculcated among students while following  their teachers in the classroom.

No matter how smart a computer programme, it can certainly not come closer to the perception a teacher brings. Some researchers have revealed  that teachers bring transformation which no technology can. Teachers simply  not only promulgate knowledge but  they also  counsel, advise, instruct and channelize the behavior of a learner. A teacher is always an inspiration to their  learners, who guides, facilitates and acts as a mentor to their students.

Teachers inspire their  students and lead them towards a sparkling future and a successful life. A real teacher uplifts  independent thoughts and revitalizes new ideas. They act as an impulse to set and achieve goals. The confidence and commitment between a teacher and student create the blissful learning environment which can never be accomplished through virtual learning environment.

Teachers play an important role in teaching and learning process as they incorporate their own knowledge experienced from books and other sources. Teachers can prompt interest among learners so that they can question, and tease their brains in order that learners tend to learn more and try to participate passionately and thoughtfully. Teachers keep learners watchful and observant. They come down to the level of a student. Teachers act as an epitome of knowledge, embodiment of observation, incarnation of wisdom and paragon of  experience for their learners. They not only teach academic subjects but also social competency so that the learners can behave in a socialized and humanized deportment. Moreover there are also practical subjects which learners can learn best with the proper guidance of teachers. Teachers in educational institutions provide various exercises, thrust responsibilities, and  examine by providing reinforcement and feedback  on the dot. This also helps teachers to identify the weak points of students and to streamline  them accordingly. In fact if a student facing any emotional issue because of which they decline to focus on the studies, such issues can only be resolved by a good teacher through their life experiences.