Cancer Story

A story of courage, concern, pain, fragility with a will to live and fear of dying

Sabeeha Shaheen
Srinagar, Publish Date: Feb 19 2018 10:07PM | Updated Date: Feb 19 2018 10:07PM
Cancer Story

We are born of love; Love is our mother.


Tears were rolling down her cheeks when she saw me after three weeks and two days. It was a reunion of two painstaking hearts. We hugged and dabbed our tears. Post-surgery she was looking feeble. Long periods of being confined to a hospital bed can enfeeble anyone. Some thirty seven days back my mother was diagnosed with Breast Carcinoma (CA BREAST). The day it was out, I was crestfallen; my brain had turned into mush. I had no feelings in my muscles. My knees shake at the sight of blood. I do not have high tolerance for pain. I kept myself firm but inside I was breaking. I cried and prayed. My mother was battling with a beast. For the first time in her life she was sacred, I was scared too. It wasn’t easy for me to see her suffer and i know it wasn’t easy for her too. It was me who noticed a lump in her left breast. When she had mammogram done, she knew cancer was going to take a heavy toll on her body. Mentally and emotionally she was in a sense of disbelief and sheer terror. Losing a precious part of your body isn’t easy at all but my mother is the bravest person I ever came across. 

She pretended as if nothing has happened only to make us feel less worried. Once my brother turned surgeon talked about the breast surgery and the aftermath, the warrior inside her rose up to meet the impossible with a spirit of hopeful defiance. Rather than living in the shadow of cancer she decided to fight it back.

She lost an integral part of her womanhood, her breast. The same breast me and my siblings fed upon was removed within no time. It was plucked out of her body as if it was a needless part which ought to be removed. 

If you meet my mother, the woman I know is an iron lady. Since my childhood my mother has been an epitome of perseverance and generosity. She was the favorite aunt, loved by all. One, who inspires, motivates and has a zeal for life. Even today she still holds that smile on her face but I know her disease has collapsed her within. Any woman who is battling cancer feels dejected because cancer is a big word. It has terrified lives. Breast cancer is not a new disease but is predominant in contemporary times. Every year more than 1 million cases of breast carcinoma in India are being diagnosed. 

What I learnt after witnessing the condition of my mother, this disease needs to be discussed. People must get aware about this disease. It is a collective responsibility to educate people especially female population. Workshops, seminars must be conducted to inform people about this unwelcome disease.

Cancer is a learning experience it taught me humbleness and how I can keep my patience firm in the arduous times. Cancer treatment has come such a long way. Even though it’s scary but it is treatable. There is no need to get panicked it is survivable. Awareness about such diseases is the need of the hour. 


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