Celebrate With Simplicity

Eid-ulFitr, the Festival of Breaking the Fast is the first day of the lunar month of Shawwal. It marks the end of Ramadhan, the month of fasting and special prayers. Entire Muslim humanity attends and pays special prayers, listen sermons and give charity in the form of food, money etc. during the entire holy month because in Ramadan the reward for every good deed is multiplied many time over. Fasting is not just about refraining from food and water, but to abstain from wicked desires, misdeeds, ill speaking, backbiting and other grudges.

The holy month teaches us the path of righteousness and to refrain from crime, lying or fighting.  Ramadhan teaches us to take what you have learned in training and to move forward on the path of sobriety and spirituality. It is only the month of Ramadhan, which helps us to understand the pain, suffering and agony of those who are destitute or less privileged. It teaches not to commit misdeed that may cause some harm to anyone; do not go to the places where the crimes are happening. If one is doesn’t abstain from these things there is no point in keeping himself/herself away from eating and drinking. After a month long fasting, Muslims all around the globe celebrate Eid with joy and fervor.

We are all aware of the current situation in entire world. Form several month, the entire world is going through a crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic. All the educational institutions, shrines, mosques and all religious places are closed, and which has affected lives of billions of people.

In this crisis time comes Eid. People may be planning to do all the things, they were used to celebrate the festival in past; decorate homes, make sweets, and do special shopping. But this time it is little difficult. Amidst the Corona crisis, we cannot celebrate Eid with usual festivity. With much love, Muslim leaders have appealed to entire Muslim community to celebrate Eid with simplicity, help laborers, destitute people and poor and stand with the rules in the war against the Corona virus.

The entire world is upset due to the Corona, how can we rejoice in such a situation as we were used to celebrate in past. A dangerous scene of destruction is seen everywhere. While celebrating Eid we should also take special care of the poor, follow the precautionary measures, follow the directions of authorities by avoiding overcrowding and take care of social distancing.

We should not forget the true essence of Eid as we have transmuted it into a festival of fashion and enjoyment. Nowadays in our society some people are unable to feed their children and are of deprived of basic necessities, how can they feel happy when they have to spend money which they are short off. In times like this, there are millions of people, who don’t have even two meals, no new clothes for children, no toys and sweets.

It is the moral and religious duty of those who are in position to take care of these people, to make them happy, to stand by them; that is the essence of this Eid. The privileged may celebrate Eid with fervour but what about those who are at home for long time, because the lock-down has left them workless and have nothing in their pocket to spend.

Eid is an an occasion of mutual brotherhood, sacrifice and unity. The well-off should take care of people who are in need. It will allow everybody to share the joy of Eid, otherwise celebrating Eid is pointless.

A little help may make someone’s Eid a joyful event. Come forward with care, love, sympathy, and charity. Keeping in view the Corona crisis we should not go out of our homes to wish others on Eid, but to call up friends and family to share the happiness of Eid and should desist from gatherings, and hugging. Let’s maintain social distance.

To conclude, celebrate Eid with simplicity, take care of others, follow the lockdown and pray for the salvation of the entire humanity.

Mehraj Ud Din Bhat is Research Scholar, Department of Education, University of Kashmir