China's nightmare

China’s change of heart over Masood Azhar is being considered as a trophy for Modi. Little worrisome to Pakistan that seems to have lost a face with all-weather friend. And, more heart-breaking for Kashmiris who, I presume, have wrong perception that China’s great wall was only built to safeguard Kashmir against its aggressors. In fact, China has never supported Kashmir movement neither has ever spoken about human rights violations for the last three decades.

In the backdrop of the break-up of super powers and the aftermath of 9/11 attacks on US, China has tactfully achieved the centre stage in political landscape, though its focus has been its economic development. The absence of strong international leadership paved the way for China to occupy space and influence everywhere it reached. The world from East to West or Africa to Asia now seems running on their own, like a rudderless boat that has no clue where to dock. However, few countries have taken a policeman’s role rather than leadership in the current messy situation.

While dealing with the West, China has always played diplomatically. When it comes to Muslim world it follows the West, more in line with the US policy. That is why it doesn’t surprise anyone when Western media plays mute spectator to the miseries of Uighurs in Northern China who have been suffering the constant persecution and annihilation since decades, worse than what Tibetans have gone through. They are forcibly made to accept the fate of subjugation with no right to religion or education etc.

Apparently, China seems very close to Pakistan, but its leadership always weighs options where and when to hit it to keep its economic and political interests safe in the US and European markets. China is too facing an economic survival factor. The more China has grown its markets in the developed countries, the more vulnerable its position has become and the more it has adopted the compromising attitudes. Masood Azhar has become one of the compromises in the present context which Pakistan might have tacitly expressed to go ahead with. Pakistan faces tremendous pressure from Washington at the behest of India.

According to political Pundits, “if Azhar’s listing has made trade tariff talks with Trump administration tough, why would China give up on its economic status.  India cannot hit China directly which has been proved in Docklam recently, it has succeeded in framing a policy of “indirect hit” with the support of US. India’s war is now being played well by Trump who in return might have got assurance from Modi for raising defence trade to 18 million dollars in this year”.

Politically, Pakistan stands isolated, but nobody can ignore its strong strategic position in the region that gives China an edge to keep India within its limits. So, diplomatic or forcible bonhomie with Pakistan, it has worked well with both countries. Even, Pakistan, which happens to champion the Muslim cause everywhere, has hardly spoken on Uighur issue in China.

 Since Mao Zedong, Chinese have targeted its economic industrialization in the country and abroad.  Pakistan has become strategically a very important piece in jigsaw puzzle in its economic expansion from East to West that has been benefitting in creating business infrastructure to strategic nuclear assets and huge job market in the country. Though, many believe China can become a replica of East India company in Pakistan. Chinese huge investment has also opened door for super connectivity and entrepreneurship projects across the globe.

Currently, China possesses a huge influence on South Asian countries to the very disliking of India. The country has deep penetration into those pockets which are week, underdeveloped and mostly in turmoil. Due to this factor, India has started looking further towards the East like Japan etc.

India has not accepted one road one belt policy of China which goes as far as the remotest part of Africa where mining to construction to manufacturing projects are being done with Chinese investment and policies for which India will need decades to match.

In the week economic scenario, China has virtually achieved hegemony over global markets. If China sneezes, the markets get crumbled like it used earlier with the US economy.  But at the same time china cannot afford to lose any bit of its foreign investment or projects.  

The trade talks between US and China are not going well. There looms a threat of tariff increase on Chinese goods. That would result in heavy burden on its merchandise with a long-term implication on market hegemony from US to Europe and South East Asia where eighty percent goods are transported from China.

 The resolution of blacklisting Azhar was made like a Damocles’ sword, having a strong backing of US, Britain and France. Yet, China used double-edged sword, it supported the resolution to strengthen its political significance in the international forum and attempted to ease tension with India as well at the time when Pakistan and India have reached to all time low relations after Pulwama attack.

India has come very close to Trump administration, Israel seems the catalyst for this bonhomie. During elections in Israel recently, Trump supported Binyamin Netanyahu for his anti-Palestine policy to give him edge over his opponents and that worked well despite the corruption against him. Likewise, Azhar’s listing might help Modi to regain ground which he seemed to lose due to his failed economic initiatives. And, no wonder we will witness Modi and Netanyahu doing something big to support Trump to win another term in US elections.

  China will never accept independent Kashmir which it sees biggest threat to its own integrity due to turmoil in Tibet and its Muslim belt. And, any political or armed struggle has no significance for it.

Kashmir should work on peaceful movement to demand its rights which to my understanding no country involved historically or geographically would let it happen. Instead, they will all try to equate it with the terrorism so to keep brow beating each other at the cost of Kashmiri lives…….

Anybody pinning hope on China lives in fool’s paradise. Support for Masood Azhar was just a mere stance that has no relevance for Kashmir movement.