Covid 19: A New Normal

Since the advent of the World Wide Web, nowadays news travels very fast through various mediums. Thanks to the new technology, we are constantly getting updated every second of the day.

However, receiving news is not important. What is important is its authenticity. The news should be genuine enough to believe it to be true. Today, majority of our actions are sullied by people who have dishonest intentions. Their deception is all pervasive and has proliferated over the past few decades.

There is a surge of free-flowing communications on the internet. Information is channelized through various journalism organizations and non-attributable sources.

Internet has given the power of control to all type of users. They tell us information and give us data, and we have blindly accepted it. Many a time, a doubt creeps up in our minds about which source to trust. The best option is instead of trusting the wrong person, do not trust anyone. We ascribe this leading factor to our moral quandary.

The second important factor is the corrupted mind desiring for more power and riches. This has intrinsically distorted the factual evidences from the lifetime occurrences which leads us towards skepticism.

The best example of this case is COVID 19. On one hand, our Govt. is claiming losses, human and material; on the other hand something smells fishy. In the graph of COVID 19, the exponential growth of victims that media groups showed us was a matter of great concern. At this juncture, we pause from downloading the information that is fed to us. We see the versions coming from non-attributable sources as totally contrary to what is fed to us by national news channels on daily basis. We can even say that the Govt. tosses us only those segments of information which it wants to go on record, and at the same time hides the more sensitive information. Some people say that the Govt. has some hidden motive behind covering up the news. For example, many people say that vaccines are sort of weapons used against humanity, used as a surveillance technique on each and every activity that we carry out. A theory says that micro-chips can be put inside the human body using vaccines. If this is true, it could jeopardize the human existence in the long run.

All this while, the COVID 19 threat has become like the meals we take at different hours of the day as the news on COVID-19 starts airing from morning everyday till we fall asleep in the night.

The general perception is that Government shapes the plan in a way that some of the information is visible while some of it is kept from us. I think the reason behind it, may be it fetches them some sort of benefit, or may be they think it benefits us. In all this chaos of distorted and manipulated information, our mind stops receiving and absorbing anything. In this scenario, if we trust the govt., then the possibility is that they are not telling us the truth. Now, at the same time, some other entity could claim that the government is not telling the truth. Again, what is the surety that this entity is telling the truth? Then, funnily, another person may prove wrong what the second entity said. This vicious cycle completes when the government says the second and the third entities’ information is a fake news. This becomes an endless loop. Like a never ending, infinite process in which two parallel mirrors facing each other create smaller reflections that appear to recede the infinity. This infinity is a never ending process and so is our troublesome inquisitiveness born out of fear for COVID 19.

The outcome:

Lack of trust in anyone, including governments, is quite evident in today’s times. Corrupt people with ulterior motives in the government are augmenting in our society. Their objective is to make us believe certain data and information. If their strategy of conditioning our mind in a reckless way remains unfulfilled then their entire plan pertaining to it goes down the drain but their imposed rules on us will be achieved anyway, like “New Normal”. They just want their proclamations to become ground rules by the people at large and want us to abide by them without any questioning or resistance.

The author is Bangalore based corporate trainer in English & French languages