Covid-19: Nothing seems to work

Human race all over the world has come a long way and made phenomenal progress in almost all the fields of science and technology. Likewise pandemic diseases like small pox, cholera and tuberculosis etc., which had killed millions of people in a very short span time had become a thing of past now. Inventions of wide range of vaccine and antibiotic or other life saving drugs and procedures have almost all doubled the life span over the years.  But no country or leader, big or small, across the world knew that the real time challenge and test was yet to come and unfold.

Wuhan city which otherwise had become a symbol of Chinese success in trade and business suddenly fell like a pack of cards and turned into a hell for all its inhabitants. Chinese doctor Dr. Li Wenliang who first blew a whistle to caution his fellow medics about the outbreak of widespread pandemic because of this lethal Covid-19 virus, was silenced and reprimanded for spreading a false rumor to avoid any large scale panic. While trying to save others he himself became a victim of this deadly virus.

People were allowed to travel in and out of Wuhan with absolute impunity before it dawned on the authorities they were about to lose control over it. They therefore swung into action and a complete shutdown was ordered and enforced. While as Italy was clueless that the virus had already landed over there and became its first victim  and right now daily death toll has risen to over seven hundred per day. Next to it, it took Spain, France and entire Europe under its sweep; then Britain and the US.

World is facing a catastrophic situation and it is not clear where it may end up. The medical personal who are in the line of fire and fighting this undeclared war right now are without required number of masks, protective gear and ventilators etc. Hospitals are short of beds, personal and drugs etc. All the governments around the world are no doubt trying to do whatever they can to overcome this unprecedented crisis but all the measures seem to be falling flat on the ground as the death toll continues rise and is not likely to come down in near future.

People like Bill Gates had warned the world well in time about the possibility of such an outbreak but the war mongering countries and leaders world over took no notice whatsoever about it. And nothing was done to mobilize the resources to prepare for such an eventuality or disaster but they continued to build up their war machines to subjugate the other nations and countries or show their dominions in the running of the day to day affairs of the world at large. We do have today bombs and ammunitions far more powerful and capable of destruction than the ones that were used in the World War-II that had hundreds of thousands of people within the twinkling of an eye.

As a result of this gross negligence and lapse on their part we are today unable to save all those precious lives we are likely to lose in a few weeks from now. Be that in Italy, Spain, Europe, Iran or the US. And what turn it may take as far as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and other such developing countries are concerned is yet to be seen.

All we can do to mitigate this unprecedented of crisis of our life time is to stay home and keep ourselves clean and at a distance from one another as far as possible so that all those who are trying to put off this wild fire by putting their own lives and that of their families at risk are allowed to do their job and save as many lives as they can.

Let God show His mercy on us all. Amem!

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