Covid as Disruption

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Human life across the globe is completely disturbed because of Covid-19 pandemic and people have lost livelihood activities to earn their basic needs.  Humans, irrespective of cast and creed, region and religion, are hit by the worst economic crisis as almost all the human activities have come to a halt.  Facing tremendous hardships and challenges to survive corona virus as well as the economic crises is in a way a test of our character.

                Usually a person earns and feeds his dependants, besides taking care of other financial needs of his family. No matter how hot or cold the weather, and how hard the conditions in Kashmir are, a hard earner never stops. But the current scenario has left even the hard workers to depression and mental trauma.

The question here arises that despite high tech medical technology and latest gadget invention, we are yet clueless about how to control and curb this deadly devastation.  This invisible enemy has taken precious lives across the globe. It is still an uncontrolled devastation we all are facing. It is now our responsibility to act as conscious beings, and courageous minds.

The fight between health and wealth goes on and we can let our lives to end while following economic betterment. The decision to be made by us is to see our priority and no doubt “Jan Hai to Jahan Hai” applies to us all.

We have to have our health and life as first priority. Once we are determined to save our life, wealth will surely come back our way and that is waiting to see our life survives. So it’s becomes obligatory to abide by all the health advisories and follow SOPs as issued by the concerned authorities.

Remember, we can earn, travel and enjoy life tomorrow only and only if we manage to beat corona, and survive today. Wearing a face mask and keeping social distancing is neither a sin nor a crime, so what are we ashamed of.

Syed Taqwa Shah is a teacher