Asalamualiakum, hello, namaste, Satsaryakal.

Let this reach to one and all

I am not a writer, yet I would love to write few lines about this new Yamraj namely Covid-19.

On 8th September, 2020 I normally came to stay with my parents for few days but just after a day my father felt something wrong, and isolated himself. He had mild fever and cold. We got him tested and it was positive. He was advised home isolation and was given required treatment. My only concern was that he was diabetic but alhamdulillah the levels were OK. We got a chest Xray done which was normal. After a week we got a HRCT done just to be on the safer side. It showed clear case of covid pneumonia. His oxygen saturation level started to dip. All the doctors whom I was in contact with suggested hospitalisation. There was no bed available in SKIMS, so shifted him to CD hospital. The treatment was started next day morning. Earlier I was of the opinion that the doctors and paramedics are no good but slowly I realized that how much they suffer everyday. Infrastructure is not that good. Shifting of patients with oxygen cylinders is taxing. Every man there was suffering in his own way. Managing things alone was a huge task. My Dad was doing better day by day. But there were some lesser fortunate ones who lost the game. I saw the patients with heathy physique but with oxygen cylinders carried even to the washrooms. Some patients had no attendants. They managed there ordeal all alone. Rest of the attendants were of great help to such patients which was very touching to see. Sleeping amongst rats and cats on the floor was scary, but we had no choice as rightly said beggars can’t be choosers. My one time agenda was to take my father home in good shape and health. They took the sample again for testing and it was negative. What a sigh of relief it was. As I had seen patients who were tested and after four tests positive they turned out to be negative the fifth time. How depressing it was for them and their families. We were discharged that very day but after a mammoth sized wait for the discharge certificate, which made me sick to the gut.

My story ended at a pleasant note but I won’t stop here.

I saw everyone suffering – patients, attendants, doctors, nursing staff, lab staff, cleanliness staff, housekeeping with those PPE kits which are so difficult to manage. Masks make you suffocate, shields make your vision blur. Gloves give you allergy. Everyone is struggling in his own little way. We should stop being judgemental in these testing times. Act smart. Don’t play with your health. God helps those who help themselves. Don’t behave like fools with mask hanging from the chin. With no safety precautions for yourself and others too. How stupid can one be. This disease spares none. Complications vary from person to person.

Be grateful for the healthy day you have spent, thank Allah you are sitting comfortably at home on your cozy bed. Think about those people who just escape for a nap on foam sheets and cardboard sheets in infected corridors. We are thankless creatures. We ignore what a blessing it is to breathe fresh air without masks, what it is it to feel the texture of food with bare fingers, seeing without sheilds, eating openly without any threat of an invisible enemy.


Thank Allah for everything he has provided us with.

Please friends, take care of yourself and be responsible. Stop passing judgements about doctors and rest of the staff. Think about your family, what are you bringing home by not following the required SOPs. Don’t make yourself suffer along with your family by your negligence and callous attitude.

This virus has no emotions and catches the easy prey. May Allah keep us safeguarded against this disease and give shifa to those who are suffering. Ameen

May all the doctors and the rest of the supporting staff through out the world be blessed with all the good health, happiness and prosperity.

Special thanks to Dr. Naveed and Dr. Aliya.

This is not an advertisement for any particular place or doctor… Please refrain from any negative judgements.

Sheeba Parvez is a teacher at GGHSS Nawakadal