Dear NEET Aspirants

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”

It isn’t a hidden truth, how cracking entrance exams is an obsession among students and parents alike, especially in the fields of medical and engineering.  More than the exam itself there is always profuse anxiety before the announcements of entrance results and dealing with such level of stress and anxiety can be difficult to deal with for both parents and students.

Students might be contemplating how they should have studied better and worked hard or whatsoever the regrets maybe, but the reality is that exams are now a thing of past. If  you have cleared cut-offs and have scored well, congratulations. But if you are the one along with majority of others who have failed to achieve desired results, always remember that entrance exams are competitive exams and it in  no way means that you are not deserving or you are incapable. It simply means that others who succeeded were better than you, may be on that day or in those 3 hours. The fear of failure has the ability to diminish your performance and make you feel worthless, and helpless. But hindsight is that there is no better teacher than a failure, it motivates you and gives you strength to enhance and improve and be better.

Things can be hard at times but success and failure are both equal parts of life. Here are a few tips to help you out at this stage.

Accept the failure and move on:

The first and foremost thing you should do is to accept the failure. There is no better time than this to access yourself. The important thing that failure teaches you, that it gives you a mirror on what went wrong, where you should have worked harder.

At the same time  one should stop overthinking and underestimating and over estimating capabilities, rather finding and working on your strengths and weakness.

Try again and re-plan

If you are so close to the cut-off one shouldn’t give up, rather give it another try. Cracking competitive exams isn’t about how much you have worked hard or studied hard. It’s more about how well you have planned and executed those plans. So, before you start studying again take a pause and plan your preparation first. The approach  to crack exams can be different from one to other, but few principal components of your plan must always include: What to read and what not to read, Time management, working on mistakes you have made and making long and short term goals.

Find alternatives choices:

Failure is felt harder when some one fails at only option he has opted for. If you have failed in any exams that does not mean end of world for you. Engineering and medicine are not just too options you have, the world is of endless opportunities. It might be great option and good time to explore alternative careers in the fields of your interest.

Relax and take time for yourself:

Before you go back to grind again take a short break. Socializing and preparing for exams at the same time is a difficult task. It is best time to spend more time with your family and friends. Visit and explore places. Give more time to your hobbies etc. These small actions can be refreshing thus helping in re-boosting your spirits.

Stay positive and give your best:

Finally, stay positive. Staying positive does not mean ignoring negatives but staying positive while overcoming negatives. Staying positive gives you strength to over come and rise above the depressing condition and helps you within yourself to see wider view of success.

There are always two things you carry along; those in your control and those aren’t. Results fall in later part but preparation is what is in your control. Preparing for any entrance exam is marathon not a sprint. One must stay consistent and try to give his/her best. The failure doesn’t hurt more than the regret of not giving your best in your preparation.

Our minds need healing just as our body needs. There is no need to feel ashamed. Go on counting your blessings not your troubles.

Be confident, consistent and believe in yourself. If you have dreamed about it you can do it.

Open the new chapter of your book, to achieve the goal.

All the best.