Dear teachers, be serious!

Dear teachers, be serious!

In all sincerity, the sacred profession of teaching requires seriousness

ThumbnaTeaching is a sacred profession and teachers are the face of a society. But now the greatly respected job is taken non-seriously and it’s perhaps the reason why our present day nation builders can’t produce students like Socrates’ Plato and Plato’s Alexander. Good teachers give out good students and thus, are sincere and peaceful societies formed.

The foundation of a good society depends upon quality of teaching which subsequently results in portraying our tomorrow, the greatest asset as ‘students’. But very unfortunately, teachers today do not guide these students out of the darkness but seem to do just the reverse .Genuinely, if a person is not fully prepared for the job how come the desired results will come out?

Teachers now, unlike teachers then, have a long list of qualification at their tails but then the system is as it was, reason is non-seriousness. Agreed, we have demands but teachers must remember that they have duties too to reform the system of education which is presently in a very dismal condition. Literally, some introspection on part of teachers that are these blooming buds taught the way they deserve to be, is necessary because it re-evaluates faith.

Teachers should remember that these small students belong to the lower strata of the society. Their parents are illiterate. Their fathers are mere laborers. Somebody’s father is a sweeper, somebody’s a driver or shopkeeper and of course someone’s is a carpenter or hawker, etc. who have high expectations from the teachers. They have handed over to them, trustfully; their only hope which is a nation’s greatest strength to be shaped out.

Dear readers what I want to say is that on 29 April, Wednesday, new education minister Sayeed Naeem Akther had a surprise visit to Govt. Boys’ High School, Rawal Pora, Srinagar where he found teachers had not checked the note-books of the students very carefully.

However, they had put in their signatures in them. The minister was accompanied by an official hand out and the surprise visit as telecast by ETV, a TV channel, in the evening news depicts the grim story of government school teaching in every district.  I believe, the news would have been watched by hundreds of teachers across Kashmir. And, surely it would have send shivers down the spine of all of them. What disgrace is bigger than this for the teacher community that teachers have not checked the note-books of their students seriously in the institution?

And what horrible a feeling can be bigger than this that the teachers of the institution were seen reprimanded and rebuked by the minister on spot on the screen. Indeed are these students from poor families and indeed have their parents have expectations from the teachers.

I have, in fact seen some minister for the very first time till today who visits schools himself that too, surprisingly. Like others, I take my hat off to the minister. The job of inspection which in these days is confined and restricted to ZRPs and DIET faculty is not even done by worthy ZEOs and CEOs but see the honorable minister of education who not only preaches but practices. After all, a minister should be like this. Not the one who sits in his royal chair, comfortably, all the hours? The minister proved that he is not only doling out the sermons to promote a system of transparency, accountability, fairness and punctuality but he actually mean it.

While I was engrossed in watching the honorable minister’s reprimanding the teachers I was reminded of my school teachers who were incredibly different and whose fond and indelible memories will take years to be erased. Sadiq Sahb of Sopore,our headmaster those days (he then retired ZEO,Sopore)- I’ll remember him all my life,-would check a stack of English notebooks in the class, daily, so gingerly. I believe no teacher can do the like, nowadays. He’d make us rewrite twice or thrice till we learn to write beautifully.

ReTs apart, a teacher disburses a salary above twenty five or six thousand rupees a month but when it comes to teaching, their performance is upset and gloomy and that is probably the reason that the roll in our government schools is declining day by day.

Teachers must remember that these students belong to ordinary families and that their parents are illiterate. In order to reform the education system they’ve to do justice with the sacred job of teaching.

(Manzoor Akash hails from zone Dangiwacha, Rafiabad.) 


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