Delhi, as usual

New Delhi’s desire of integration between J&K and rest of the country seems all time high as uncertainty continues in the state in view of rumours, and mobilization of security forces. Let us keep this debate aside that whether accession of J&K with Indian Union was conditional or unconditional, temporary or permanent, moral or immoral, illegal or legal. The fact is that the portion of undivided state under Indian control has been part of Indian union since 26th October 1947, and despite all its efforts Pakistan could not grab even an inch. No doubt Pakistan tried its best to strengthen and keep its constituency alive during past 72 years but before crying victim New Delhi should not run away from answering how much it has succeeded to strengthen its constituency in Kashmir, despite claiming to be doing everything for them. Fact is that New Delhi has successfully protected every inch of J&K but has not been able to win hearts and minds. If religion is the criteria, do Kashmiris not know that in India the population of Muslims is more than the entire population of Pakistan? Should it not be matter of great concern for New Delhi that on one hand India has been able to create its base to a reasonable extent in Afghanistan despite supporting Russia against Afghans but has miserably failed to retain the trust of even the most loyal people, who always tried to prove themselves more Indians than the Indians. Before putting blame on everyone let New Delhi introspect and tell people of India that why its huge investments in Kashmir have not been able to yield considerable results. How strange that even the most loyal Kashmiris do expect to get votes only if they pretend to be having a reasonable distance from New Delhi.

The alienation has went on increasing and with passage of every year the pro India constituency finds itself trapped between devil and the deep sea. New Delhi has a right to call Kashmiris ungrateful and getting trapped in Pakistani propaganda but are only Kashmiris to be blamed. It should have been nothing but natural that during past 72 years pro India constituency should have at least strengthened its primary roots in Kashmir, but that is never happening. Whosoever has been India’s face in Kashmir has ultimately been shown his worth by none other than New Delhi itself. Not only that late Sheikh Sahab who facilitated accession, left the world while regretting his being too loyal to New Delhi and expressed publicly his trust on New Delhi as his mistake, most loyal rulers to New Delhi including Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad, Syed Mir Qasim, G M shah and Mufti Mohammad Syed died while New Delhi’s arrogance and utterances were haunting their minds. It was Farooq Abdullah who chanted slogans Bharat Mata Ki Jai publicly but still was asked for questioning by ED to Chandigarh in cricket scam. Mehbooba Mufti who put her everything at stake and asked Kashmiris to not lose hope in Mr. Modi met a fate that even her enemies are condoling with her. No doubt Kashmiri leaders are not angles but it was New Delhi which addicted corruption, nepotism and favoritism in their genes as it never gave a thought to winning hearts and minds of Kashmiris by positive approach but thought that bribing the leadership would not only be a short cut remedy but can be a tool to humiliate them whenever required. Labelling leaders like Mirwaiz as Pakistanis has become a fashion but why isn’t anybody asking that if Murarji Dessai, the then PM, received a warm welcome at Mirwaiz Manzil. New Delhi may deny billon times but the fact is that it never trusted Kashmiris and preferred to control them through the barrel of the gun. Threats to remove article 370 and 35-A never expresses New Delhi’s strength but exposes it’s sense of insecurity and confusion. The fact is New Delhi want to prove that might is right but the day it understands right is might, it may find a good constituency in Kashmir and someday may throw a surprise by asking Pakistan to come forward for a plebiscite on both sides of LOC. Until New Delhi doesn’t stop its utterances, it should realize that even snatching everything including 35a & 370 will strengthen none but those who don’t believe in the idea of India in J&K.