The party has been virtually on the mercy of the regional players with which it allies from time to time to stay in the reckoning.

 Celebrity Politics

Future of any political party in Tamil Nadu hinges on the star value of its leaders. Ever since the ouster of Mr K Kamraj as chief minister of the state, the last time Congress ruled the state over four decades back, the traditional political leaders could never lead their respective parties to power.

The sudden decision of film actor turned politician Ms Khushboo to join Congress has led to the belief in Delhi’s political circles that she might be able to turnaround the fortunes of the party which has been struggling for its existence in Tamil Nadu.


The party has been virtually on the mercy of the regional players with which it allies from time to time to stay in the reckoning.

The petite and erudite Ms Khushboo has certainly brought a new hope for the party. Her decision to swim against the tide, and look towards Congress when politicians are bee-lining the Narendra Modi led BJP, is certainly an astonishing decision.

At the same time many consider it as a courageous one also.

The smiling Ms Khushboo made her intentions known when she formally joined the Congress at the AICC headquarters after meeting the party chief Mrs Sonia Gandhi.  Will you be the public face of the Congress as its spokesperson as you had done for the DMK before quitting it six months back?


The question asked by media-persons evoked an immediate response from her. “It would not be only that but much more. I am just few hours old in the party. Wait for sometime,” she remarked.

Will she be the Congress face in Tamil Nadu in the Assembly elections in future?


Musical Mamta

She may always look enraged on one pretext or the other, lambasting her political rivals, but she also has a softer side to her personality. West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamta Banerjee like any other human being does look for lighter moments to relax. She got one such opportunity during her recent visit to Delhi.

The irrepressible fighter found solace in music.

Do not be surprised? She did not only enjoy listening to music but also joined the singing brigade mostly comprising of her party MPs and other colleagues.


After three days in Delhi during which she criss-crossed from one destination to the other, meeting senior leaders and ministers, she chose to unwind herself at Trinmool Congress MP Mr Mukul Roy’s house located in South Avenue.

The unwinding session started after she had series of meetings with Home Minister Mr Rajnath Singh, Finance Minister Mr Arun Jaitley and veteran BJP leader Mr L K Advani.


Chief Whip of Trinmool Congress in Lok Sabha Mr Kalyan Banerjee was among those who sang and Ms Mamta Banerjee herself played to perfection the notes of a Tagore song on her mobile phone.