Destroying future

Greater Kashmir

Remind yourself that development experts and environmental activists warn us that life on earth is on the brink of apocalypse unless drastic steps are not taken. The causes are global warning, climatic change, resource exploitation etc. We are at the verge of mass extinction due to greed towards material comforts. Government issues laws which turn out a mere paper work. Last time the government ordered a ban on plastic which is a threat for terrestrial as well as aquatic life, but plastic is still used freely. So the work is not done on the ground level. The government focuses more on roads, parks etc., without least considering the value of human life. On the other side, humans too are reasons for this awaited global destruction. If the catastrophe is to be avoided, we have to change ourselves, and our attitude towards nature. Nature protects humanity, but the disturbance to it will be a disturbance in the human life.

The best thing to strive for the general good is to inculcate in ourselves the love towards diversity. A changed attitude may help in contributing to the benefit of humanity.

Consider, for example, the case of Kashmir. A place of eternal beauty with flowers of abundant colours and life giving breeze. It too is on pyres of destruction and without any concern for its inhabitants. Those were the days when people would throng the valley to renew their life energy, but the exploitation of nature, its resources continued unabatedly, and this changed the scene. No conversation has been ensured so far. In my get together with many of the native farmers, I come across the diminishing status of production here. The political atmosphere has hampered the growth, bringing the downfall in production and farmers’ earning. On the other hand, climatic changes threaten life security of the individuals pushing them to the edge of calamity. Long lockdowns hit the economic sector to add to the misfortune. The unchecked use of pesticides harms the quality of production, and affects adversely  its demand in the international markets.

The deforestation, another threat today, is spreading rapidly here. People are cutting forests, constructing new building. and many beautiful resorts have fallen prey to such practices. The man is least concerned about the demands of the future generations. The tourists coming every year should have been served with the best possible way to minimise the pollution. But the fact is that flora and fauna are receding rapidly due to human infiltration into their habitat. The construction of the roads and highways is going on in an unscientific way. The protection of forests by Japan can be taken as an example to save the greenery here .

The soul of this discourse is the man who is loaded with modern technology, intentionally and unintentionally he defiles the ecosystem. The order that nature had bestowed upon it is nowhere seen now; it needs to be highlighted that if ignored, the posterity will have to pay the price of the destruction done to the natural environment. Eliminating pollution must be a priority just like eliminating poverty and hunger. It will not be easy, but we can’t backdown from the challenge. The target we have set is ambitious but achievable and should galvanise action toward achieving environmental development. Our ambition is to work with government and development partners to meet the challenge.