Disregarding sensitivities

Greater Kashmir

When the freedoms that we treasure came under a brutal attack in Paris the world responded with one voice’, the two leaders vowed a united front against ‘Islamic extremism’, writing in The Times newsp

A calm exterior mostly hides the unpleasant self within. When raged the veneer melts and one is in his true colors. Immune to the reservation imperatives heart speaks pure and staring. That fine moment has aura of righteousness and bites straight.

US President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron , in the backdrop of Charlie Hebdo incident, have through a spew of venom spoken unadulterated. ‘We will continue to stand together against those who threaten our values and our way of life. When the freedoms that we treasure came under a brutal attack in Paris the world responded with one voice’, the two leaders vowed a united front against ‘Islamic extremism’, writing in The Times newspaper on 15 January last. Before that French President Manual Valls declared openly: ‘It is a war against terrorism ‘ against jihadism; against radical Islam. Against everything that is aimed at breaking fraternity, freedom and solidarity.’

Days before British government wrote to Imams of 1100 mosques and asked them to call upon Muslim leaders ‘to force out those preaching extremism and hate’. It is not difficult to palpate the Western narrative behind the common strategy that West is aiming to take the fight against Islam to the next level, of course in the garb of ‘war on terrorism /extremism’. From whipping up Islmophobia and attributing terror to Islam, West has doped itself into the witch-hunting coercive mode.

The manner West is positioning itself against, what it likes to call, ‘Islamic extremism’, or ‘radical Islam’ reminds one of the cold war hostility it had with the Soviet Union. That time it was scared of communism emerging as a challenging rival ideology and taking in its socialist fold a considerable part of globe. So communists in any case were to be smudged as enemies, Europe have had to be at the antiseptic distance from.

That threat now gone with disintegration of Soviet Union (thanks to the deep gushing wounds Afgan Mujahedeen lanced on invading Russians)the West under the American leadership sees Islam as source of trouble for its ‘values and way of life’. Materialism has destroyed the soul of Europe.

The family system, the very fabric of the society, has crumbled. With Islam emerging as the fast-growing religion in the world and lot of conversions finding eternal peace in the lap of Islam, Europe is fearful of losing its Christian identity.

Unless it finds or manipulates an adversary, that sense of loss gives her sleepless nights. A no-holds-barred vilifying campaign against Islam, desecrating its most venerated icons and stereotyping all terrorists as all Muslims as if they are ticking time bomb, this all is designed to recreate an adversary to save the fast dying religion and the value system dear to Europe.

Otherwise how can a terrorist act of a few individuals, whatever the motive, be slapped on the entire Muslim community, more so the religion they have dragged in. No community can claim being paragon of virtues, leaving terrible awful for the other. Aberrations of people doing inhuman acts cannot and should not be taken as excuses to muck every thing rubbish and insulting on the religion of the wrong doer. Here , in case of Muslims, unfortunately aberrations are welded with their religion. Assuming that Muslims are, what you hold, terrorists and the ‘world’ is under the ‘threat’ of ‘Islamic extremism’. Still this terror is confined to fringe elements , not owned by the state.

To borrow from the celebrated Indian author Arundhati Roy, this kind of ‘privatized terror’ is nothing as compared to the seamless and unaccountable terror owned and inflicted by ‘democracies’ on people demanding justice and freedom. Then you talk about ‘values’ as if you have monopoly on the ethics and motivated by selfless service of mankind. Forgetting you were the same who wiped out humans through nuclear bombs, missiles and drones.

Values you claim to hold in reverence more than Prophets , implementation of which world witnessed through the brutalities of Guantanamo Bayand Bagrams, shames of Abu Gharib and urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban.

While Muslim terrorists kill in dozens, your war machine consumes thousands in one gulp. They leave dead to be counted , you flatten human habitations beyond recognition. Dear Sirs, values need to be reciprocated.

If you are agitated and raged on your ‘values’ and ‘way of life’ being ‘threatened’, what about our values and our way of life? Are they worth mocking at, lampooned and abused. Especially when in the name of ‘freedom of expression’ the most sacred symbol of Islam you choose to vilify and assault.

After days of attack on the French cartoon magazine, its seven lakh copies were released and sold in record time, dwarfing the usual sixty thousand number. By encouraging and allowing the reproduction of the highly provocative and insulting caricatures of our beloved Prophet(SAW), the West has contemptuously disregarded sensitivities of Muslim world.

Standing by the side of hate mongers (Charlie Hebdo), it has itself glorified the hate and extremism and precipitated the clash of civilization.