Divided Campuses

Greater Kashmir

The J&K government has resorted to inordinate delay in repatriating the in-place staff of Kashmir University from erstwhile satellite campuses in Leh and Kargil to its main Campus in Kashmir. The delay in their repatriation to the University of Kashmir has left them to fend for themselves.

The KU employees including professors and non-teaching staff members are demanding their repatriation to the main campus after the abrogation of Article 370 from constitution of India and reorganization of J&K into J&K Union Territory (UT) and UT of Ladakh.

Following the reorganization of J&K, the government ordered for division of assets wherein the J&K government took over the administrative control of Kashmir University over its satellite campuses in Leh and Kargil.

The government also decided to start the newly established Cluster University (CU) Leh from Kashmir University’s satellite campuses at Leh and Kargil districts.

Following this, the in-place staff of KU when asked about their choice of posting had demanded to be shifted back to the main Campus of the KU in Kashmir.

Ironically, the government has shelved the process of their repatriation for more than one year, leaving the employees at the receiving end. The J&K government has delayed their repatriation despite obtaining NoC from both the Universities.

The KU authorities in the last council meeting had demanded compensation of its assets and human resources in its Leh and Kargil satellite campuses.

The employees are bearing the brunt despite the NoC issued by Cluster University of Ladakh as well as the Kashmir University for repatriation of the KU employees to the main campus.

Both the Universities have submitted their NoC to the Higher Education Department (HED). The KU Registrar in the NOC issued has stated that around 17 professors and three junior assistants were appointed in the Leh and Kargil satellite campuses out of which 16 professors and all junior assistants have personally approached the varsity authorities and demanded their repatriation to the main campus.

“While exercising their options for serving in UT of J&K and Ladkah, they have opted for serving in J&K UT,” the NoC reads.

“The Registrar of Cluster University of Ladakh has also conveyed his consent for repatriation of these employees from Leh and Kargil campuses to the main Campus of University of Kashmir,” it reads.

The Registrar KU has further stated that the teaching and non-teaching staff may be repatriated to the main campus of KU and they will be subsequently posted at satellite campuses of KU in Kashmir as per the requirement.

“The University of Kashmir here conveys its no object if these 16 professors and three junior assistants are transferred along with the post to the University of Kashmir,” the NoC reads.

Also, the University of Ladakh (UoL) has also given its NoC for repatriation of the teaching faculty of erstwhile satellite campuses of KU to its main campus in Valley.

The NoC has been issued by the Registrar UoL Imteeaz Kacho and submitted to the HED in February this year.

“The teaching faculty of erstwhile satellite campuses of KU has submitted their representation seeking repatriation to University of Kashmir. We have no objection to the repatriation of these teachers and other permanent clerical staff to the University of Kashmir under a mutual agreement between the two UTs,” reads a letter addressed to secretary HED.

The Registrar UoL has further stated that they need to make fresh selections against the posts vacated by them. We have already conveyed our opinion to HED of J&K UT about the matter,” the letter reads.