Don't sell fear

Death is the ultimate reality of life; an inescapable truth. Yet we love life and fear death. There is a serious trend nowadays that young  people are dying due to sudden cardiac arrests and it has raised alarm among us all – doctors, researchers, educationists, religious scholars and general public. Everyone is trying best to solve the puzzle; this unexpected scenario is believed by some to be due to a religious factor (sudden deaths among young a sign of impending doomsday) and psychological by some (heart attacks occur due to chronic stress, worry and anxiety) and biological by some (sedentary life style, food adulteration, increased in take of junk foods and restaurant foods, smoking and drug abuse increases cholesterol, trigliceriods, cause narrowing of blood vessels and arteries which put a pressure on heart and combined with stress they make a person vulnerable to heart attacks and strokes) but whatever the reasons – be they biological or psychological we are losing precious human lives which is extremely stressful, and we all need to take preventive measures to stay healthy and fit. Nonetheless the timing of death is predestined but death due to indulging in risk factors is a suicide; and our body, soul and heart  belongs to Allah, They are amanah ( trust) and we have to take care of them till last breath and we will be held accountable for any problem we caused to our bodies.

This is a serious issue; needless to say but it is very unfortunate that there are some people who are commercialising heart attacks; they create videos and news flashes on heart attacks just to fetch likes and and earn some money. Recently I came across a video on youtube. That particular youtuber has gave a tagline that every Kashmiri will have a heart attack. In what capacity he created that video? This is my question to him. Some have created fake whatsApp groups on Heart attacks; they mostly share fake news related to deaths, and share posts most of which don’t have any scientific underpinning.

My request to higher authorities to take notice of such youtubers and social network users who are selling panic. I have seen many people undergoing depression and have extreme fear that they may have heart attack and they too will die. One of my friends is taking anti depressant and has developed panic disorder due to such anxiety provoking news flashes. It is good to share posts on prevention and awareness about causal factors but make sure they are scientifically proven. And it is my request to everyone not to pay heed to false reports and don’t believe everything you hear or read on internet. Judge the credibility of the source. It will be much better if we will hand over this job to professionals only. Doctors, especially cardiologists are the only persons who are ethically eligible to share awareness as they have competence and expertise, not the general public. Don’t spread fear. Show sensibility and care. If you cannot do anything, at least don’t create psychological harm to others. It is my humble appeal to doctors to come on forefront and focus more and more on ways to prevent heart attacks and life style diseases. Above all they should realise the panic among people and respond to queries they receive on their  social media accounts. They should act more humanely and devote few minutes from their busy schedule to respond to patients.

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