Dulat's liberal" India

Dulat's liberal'' India

We thank them for not killing Geelani

That Syed Ali Shah Geelani is still alive, writes former RAW chief Amarjit Singh Dulat, is a tribute to Indian `liberal traditions.’ (Indian Express July 7, 2015)

The statement implies that the whole Kashmiri nation must stand up in gratitude to him and his country for their `mercy’ and `magnanimity’ perhaps unparalleled in the history of nations. If letting Geelani live is considered as the yardstick to judge the liberalism of a state, then how shall we judge an imperial British for sparing Gandhi who rebelled against their occupation in India.

And moreso if letting Geelani live is the kindness New Delhi has shown, what about those innumerable souls who fell to the monster of Delhi-backed agency politics in Kashmir.

If Dulat knows how many were saved, he must also be knowing how many were actually `bumped off’ as a sequel to the `informal discussions’ regarding (what he calls) a `tit-for-tat’ policy. If he speaks about the shady deals Kashmiri politicians struck with the New Delhi, he must speak about the dark and dirty conspiracies hatched by counter insurgents to neutralise individuals in Kashmir. If he singles out one `kind’ exception in the form of Geelani who is still breathing (courtesy India), he must complete the story by naming out those to whom this courtesy was not extended. This unilateral denigrating of Kashmiris sounds an account not just logically incomplete, but fundamentally malicious. 

The spymaster has done only one job to his utmost honesty. And that is to strip Kashmiris naked. The mission started by Nehru with Sheikh and accomplished by Modi with Mufti. The reason he might be regretting letting off Geelani is that the old man didn’t offer himself for the disgrace. (As Dulat in an interview expresses his unfulfilled desire to meet Geelani). 

Though the `facts’ he discloses about Kashmiri leadership (both separatist and mainstream) may not be taken as facts. At the same time the can or worms he throws open can’t be summarily dismissed. It’s the responsibility of the accused to have their version of the story (if they have). If Dulat is lying, the others will have to explode his lies not with the mere customary rebuttals but with some hard facts powerful enough to render his accusations invalid. Like Hizb Chief Salahudin’s son did by clearing the difference between seeking help for his MBBS berth or for his migration from Jammu to Srinagar. But still the Salahudin file is not closed. For whatever reason, people may know whom did he seek help from – if he did. Likewise many questions ask for an answer and answers are awaited. 

Till that happens, we must acknowledge India’s kindness to let Geelani live. Great of you.