Ease is coming

We all go through season of struggle, difficulty, and unease, when it feels like uphill. When things seem to go other way and when life comes up front with challenges. When there is pressure raising family, improving health, managing finances, sustaining life, balancing relationships, work stress and much more. When it seems like there is going to be no end, when complexities overwhelm and overtake. Too often we get discouraged, give up and then feel like life is unfair to us.

May be we feel like having tried everything else and nothing worked out as we intended it to have. May be the efforts were strenuous and we are like exhausted enough to go a little farther. We feel it the end and too often surrender before situations with a deep negative and emotional set back.

However what we fail to realize is that nothing is permanent, change is imperative like each night unwinds a new day and each day folds into a new night. What is today will be a past tomorrow. All the pain and suffering which today seems excruciating and etched in your mind will fade and be light. What hurts today will be a source of strength tomorrow. There shall be anointing of ease as promised by Allah swt.struggle will not be struggle but blessing. You are going to have Allah’s grace and favor that will lighten the load and take the pressures off. Life is going to be easy. Things will fall into place. A new day will shine bringing Allah swt glory and mercy.

However we are not be intimidated by what exists today. We need to put our trust and complete tawaqul in Allah.  It has to be endurance and resolve if we wish to see a shooting star. For in impatience you will never ever experience Allah’s blessings.

As reported by prophet Muhammad (SAW) that have tawaqul on Allah as it should be, then Allah will suffice you like he suffices for birds that leave their nests empty stomach and return full

Have you ever pondered over the fact that would Ibrahim had the miracle of fire turning into a bed of roses had he been nervy by the fear of fire of Namrud, which was ablaze and fuelled for consecutive three nights and three days.

What took Ibrahim  was tawaqul and that too at a time when Allah swt clearly states that there was not a single Muslim on earth except him. What made a young boy of 15 years have this tawaqul which made him proclaim that “hasbunallaha wa niamal wakeel ” meaning Allah swt is sufficient for me when even his father was not on his side. Imagine the hopelessness of the situation you proclaim something of which you have no world aid, you are alone deserted and rejected by even your own family. And in this worst situation still holding onto faith is what reaps miracles.

If Allah was sufficient for Ibrahim , he is surely sufficient for you and me provided we submit to him in entirety and reclaim our hearts with firm belief.

Allah mention in Holy Quran the story of Younus, for when rejected by his people he left to migrate to some other place and his boat was hit with thunderstorms and as a practice of his time they took lots and each times his name came up so they threw him into the depths of ocean only to be eaten up by a whale as planned by Allah swt.

In the darkness of night, darkness of depth of ocean, darkness inside the belly of whale, again visualize the desperation and misery of the state of affairs the fear of darkness upon darkness upon darkness. In this situation Younus alaihisalam called onto Allah swt with ” La ilaha illalah anta subhanaka ini kuntu minaz zalimoon “Oh my lord I declare that none is worthy of my worship but you and praise be to you for  indeed I am among the wrong doers.

Had Ibrahim and Younus any sign from Allah  that any miracle is going to happen. No, but it was tawaqul which kept them going. Can life be more depressing than in the cases above mentioned? The answer surely will be no. What we need to remember is that things are going to change there shall be a new day a new opening but we need to move and not to be disheartened for.

To be continued