Editorial | Conserving our lakes

The biggest assets of any people are the ones that the nature has provided them with. This can be underground wealth like the countries in the Middle East have. It is because of that wealth that they run their economies, and oil the wheels of development. Similarly there are natural assets in the shape of green cover that controls temperatures, and also adds to the beauty of the area. It is this beauty that the nature has bestowed on some of the countries, and they have converted it into a vibrant economy. They become the chosen destinations for the tourists around the globe. Once the people travel to these areas, other commercial activities pick up. This gives a lift to the overall economy. Kashmir was usually known as a place with ample natural beauty and people all around the globe would come to this place to enjoy the beauty. That is how the tourism picked up here and that gave birth to the related industries. In fact the traditional economic activities like hand made crafts thrived on the tourists that came to Kashmir.

It was because of the tourism that the traditional crafts of the valley won a global clientele. That contributed to our economy in a very significant way. Now this natural beauty is still our basic economic asset. And it is something that if we don’t destroy is always there to serve us in million different ways. It not only makes our air clean, our surroundings beautiful, but gives us revenue. But we are so ungrateful a people that we destroyed our economic assets. One of the glaring examples of this is the vanishing water bodies in Kashmir. The big lakes that we had are in a pathetic condition and are shrinking with each passing day. One of the major lakes we have is the Wular. If the administration visits the lake and takes the stock of the situation, in terms of the present condition of the lake and various projects related to it, it is all needed. But given the condition of these water bodies it is too little too late. We need to do much more and with a sense of urgency.