Editorial | Finally Human

The festivity in the human societies during the religious occasions is the hallmark of the human civilisation. In any part of the world we see people celebrate such occasion with fervour. In fact a keen look at the origin of these festivities tells us that in many cases they originate from the human affinity to relate to others and celebrate the seasons, achievements, and ideas. The immediate benefit of these occasions is that they distresses human societies and bring them close to each other. In the Indian sub continent we have a rich diversity of societies – Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians, Jains and other smaller groups within these larger denominations.

So we have really a rich culture of celebrations. Apart form the particular theological part of these occasions, it is a known fact that they bring alive the societies. This is universally true, and applies to all religious denominations. Even those among these communities who are not in any way religiously oriented share the joys of the occasion. That is how is brings all in the community together. Another great benefit of these occasions, in case of the plural societies, as is the case here, is that it brings various communities together. We greet each other and share the blessings of the day. It brings us closer and revives the warmth among communities. We had Eid just some day before. Early morning we received messages and calls from friends, neighbours, colleagues, and relatives. Just see how many non-Muslim friends greeted us on this occasion with warmth, and love. Kashmiri Pandints just observed Mela Khir Bhavani.

The Muslim society of Kashmir wasn’t absent on this occasion. Leave aside the politicians who greeted the community on this occasion, for some might call it customary with this folk. The point is that the friendships across communities come alive on such occasions. This is one huge lesson to those who tell us that different communities are permanently divided. Humans, and human societies, can hold on to their differences without turning hostile to each other. And human societies can celebrate friendships across communities, without being any less of the members of a particular community.