Editorial | Finally some momentum

For last couple of weeks this newspaper has been consistently, and with a great degree of urgency, focussing on the problem of drug addiction. Front page news stories appeared regularly, trying to underline the enormity of the crisis. Opinion from different minds chipped in to dissect the problem and put the detail on the table. This was an indicator that the society has finally woken up to the crisis. The nature of this problem is such that no society can ignore it, and ours seems to be getting ready to fight this menace. In this whole affair the point that repeatedly surfaced up was the role of law enforcement agencies, especially the police. It is true that if there is a strict vigil, and swift action, the problem can be restricted. If a long term plan is executed with a good degree of seriousness it can be completely eradicated from our society. May the day come soon when our society is declared clean of this menace. The news that a big haul of drugs was seized means that if police comes into action we can lay hands on the culprits and take them to task.

Here the point is that if governments around the world, in order to fight any emergent crisis, form special forces, J&K can also establish a special force that can deal with this problem. It can include people not just from the police, but from other departments as well. Doctors can be made a part of it. Teachers too can be roped in. And above all, Mohalla committees can be made an important ingredient of this force. If the information goes down up, and the action and solution comes from top down we can expect better results. If we move around any locality we can keep track of the spaces where young boys huddle together and we sense something fishy. This can be reported to the special force and also conveyed to the parents of the children found in the huddle. Such a vigil if done in a non-invasive, and sympathetic manner can save our children from falling into this deadly trap. If there is need of bringing in doctors and teachers to the locality where they can sensitise youth about the dangers associated with this menace, the special force can arrange these programmes. And in case there is need of force, the police component can swing into action quickly, and effectively.