Editorial | Restoring internet services fully

At a time when the government has closed down eduction institutions, and also issued advisories that people should avoid large gatherings, it is incumbent on this government to  restore the internet services in J&K fully. One of the best things with digital services is that it reduces human interference, and thus liberates a common man from bad human conduct; but this time mere human contact needs to be reduced. Major services world over have been digitised long back. Gone is the era of dusty tomes of official files. Ever since computers made an arrival, the human transactions have found a better and swift conduit. Banking, travel, commerce, medicine, engineering, and even gossip; everything stands digitised. The effects of this revolution have reached the far off crevices of the third world also. It’s because of this revolution that governance has improved to a large extent. In our state many a service have been digitised and this has brought lots of ease to a common man. Though the ambit of digitisation has been extended to cover many services, still much remains to be done. 

From admission in private schools, to exams in universities, we now take recourse to online transactions. In the times of corona virus spread it is something we can make us of more than before. Since it allows one to work from home, and take benefit from different services without walking down to offices it is a great help in keeping the disease at bay.  As we know that from past almost 7 months we have faced a lockdown on this count; the relaxations of late, are not to the extent that one would have expected. So effectively no worthwhile work can be done on internet here, even now. If the government wants people to avoid gatherings, and reduce human contact, as a measure to stop the spread of this deadly virus,  the restrictions on internet should be lifted immediately. That can help the students and their education institutions to stay in touch and minimise the loss of academic work. It can also help in resuming online business services, helping local economy. Besides offices can be directed to keep the content online so that the concerned people can check it online rather than visiting the offices. In the face of this corona virus threat, the situation has changed drastically, and nothing matters more than human lives. Internet services can save the lives in these times.