Editorial | Save Future

The way news about drug menace is surfacing up it appears like we have woken up decades late to find out the ruin around us. Some time back when people would talk about this problem we would brush it aside by saying that these statistics are not what they are presented as. We would also attribute it to things that would serve as easy excuses to wriggle out of any sense of responsibility towards our society. But now that things are coming out, it is so shocking that one doesn’t easily figure out what would happen to our society if it is not checked, and checked very soon. What the experts and practitioners tell us about this menace is that just two years back the level and kind of drug addiction was not so frightening as it has become in the last 2 to 3 years. The introduction of things like heroine, and at this level, is sending shock waves all around. How is it that we have such a spike in the case of heroine addiction? Who peddles this drug, wherefrom does it sneak into this valley, and how chains of taking it to young boys are established? These are the question that immediately come to mind. Now there are two different ways of responding to this crisis. One is to enter a blame game. A section of our society always tends to blame government and some unknown ‘agencies’ for this problem, and they never exhaust in criticising government on this.

While it is true that the government agencies must flung themselves into action in ways that it tightens the noose around the culprits, the civil society cannot wriggle out of its own responsibility. The other form of response is that while we impress upon the government officials to be more serious about this problem, but at the same time we come forward ourselves and do our bit. As teachers in schools we can not only shape up the minds of our students, but also keep a vigil on them. School administrations can try the methods like occasionally checking the bags in the classes, and also installing cameras in and around the campuses. Spaces like canteens, and kiosks, and shops around the school also need monitoring. They can also keep a vibrant contact with the parents on how the children are behaving. And never forget the crucial role of parents. It is here that we need to gear up. When do our children move out, who they are friends with, and what are their interests. These are the things that need a more strict vigil inside homes. Finally, and most importantly, do we tell our children what life is and how to meet its challenges. We never discuss these things with them. We never prepare them for the battles of life.