Editorial | Take care of doctors' lives

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In this extraordinary disruption, when people have been asked to stay indoors for another 3 weeks, at least, we have been put to a great and severe test, individually as well as collectively. In our GK editorials we have been consistently focusing on this issue and the related problems for last almost a week. Although the talk about Covid-19 and the emergent crisis was there for sometime, but the civil curfew on last Sunday heightened the sensitivity about this issue. Still people were yet to realise what lay ahead. The moment came when the 3-week long lock down was announced by the PM. That was the time when people realised that we are in for a long haul. Now this is the time to exhibit patience, perseverance, and to display sensible conduct by not stepping out of our homes. That is one. But those of us, who for our collective safety, have to perform duties are really in the line of fire. These are the people who need all praise, and sitting home we should all pray for their safety. May God keep them safe and give them the courage to perform duties in this difficult time. Our doctors and other paramedical staff who are just there in the battlefield top the list.

They are the ones who are actually putting their own lives at risk and treating people. It is not a theoretical praise that would do, but imagine someone who treats a corona patient, or others in the hospital, and runs a risk of getting infected. Sitting home we shouldn’t be too agitated because we are in a far better, and a safer, position. This is also time to impress upon the government authorities to provide doctors, and other hospital staff, adequate protective gear so that they don’t become, God forbid, victims of the dreaded disease. It is also time for others to see if they can help by contributing to hospitals, but only after seeking permission from the concerned authorities and following proper guidelines. Remember these are not ordinary crisis, and we have not seen anything like this before. It demands loads of care and sense at every step.