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SPOT A CAR: You can’t, as the Kashmir University campus presents a pristine look. No horns, no noise. Let’s make it education friendly

Not allowing vehicles in the Kashmir university campus is a nice step. We need to support it all of course with some back up without which the spirit may fade away soon and we will be back to a noisy, crowded campus we earlier had

The recent NAAC visit to the University of Kashmir was a nice experience. The institution got a good time to introspect. The university campus besides showcasing its academic contributions, did something that has not been done earlier. A positive move which can fetch good results if carried on with steadfastness.

The university authorities have issued an order according to which vehicles will not be allowed inside the campus. That will bring down the pollution level appreciably. Besides making air cleaner, it will make the surroundings greener and the atmosphere calmer than ever before. The move is by and large liked and supported by everyone. But certain things are needed to back it up.

One, there must be specially designed pollution-free vehicles available on all gates which can ferry people to their respective places (as and when needed). A rainy day may make it a bit difficult to walk the distance. In view of the holy month, the need of such vehicles gets even stronger.

Two, it has to apply top down. Let there be no hierarchy of vehicles. No VIP exceptions or exemptions. The university higher authorities can set an example.  If they do it, others will follow. Otherwise the move will lose its spirit. Once the exceptions are made, then it will be difficult to control the flow of traffic. On one pretext or the other, people will manage to get through. That way it will be a battle of hierarchies. If clean green campus is the target, all will have to contribute irrespective of the status and position you have.

Three, parking space is a problem. We need bigger parking spaces at the gates keeping in view the increasing number of vehicles. Moreover the vehicles of the visitors too will have to be given some space. That is something which can take time. But the process can be initiated. Converting some more land into usable parking spaces will take a great burden off the campus.

Four, university can outsource transport facility to some private agency. If university staff and students are picked and dropped in university arranged vehicles, that will not only reduce the concentration of traffic inside the campus, but that will relieve the roads of the city as well. To avoid traffic mess more people will prefer to come in university busses. That will ensure punctuality as a bonus.

With these steps, it may take some time to regulate the process, but it will turn out to be a wonderful step with long term benefits. The university is presenting a serene look which we can maintain provided we offer a strong support and a practical back-up without which it may fade away with time. We hope the university authorities think on these lines so that the move lasts longer.