Education is unlike business

Socrates placed ‘EDUCATION’ on the highest moral pyramid of life. In his times and to his understanding the person who imparts education should not seek, and be not paid remuneration.

This thought of that great thinker reflected his approach to one of the highest values of life viz; ‘WISDOM’. Probably he wanted a teacher to renounce worldly needs and pleasures.

A human being in itself is a complete universe. A human being is one of the finest creations of Almighty God. The human being has an inbuilt mechanism of accountability in him. He has been armed with Divine Scripture and also an unparalleled Teacher to make him to understand and appreciate the Divine Scripture.

Like the universe, human understanding and its learning process keeps on evolving.

The primary vehicle and basic tool of evolutionary process in the human history has been education.

Imparting education and providing avenues for imparting education is highly sacred function. Education is fountain-head of all kinds of reasoning in all types of learning process. Education catapults one to the position of differentiating between virtue and vice, good and evil.

Divine Scriptures are the Mother of all Virtues. Amongst others, to be just, fair and reasonable in actions are great Human Virtues.

Human life requires spiritual development as also accomplishment of worldly needs. Human life is a ceaseless and continuous process. Its glory is reflected in its spiritual power, intellectual prowess and its physical existence. In all these spheres of life Human Being has to labour hard. The combined development of all these components of Human life is sine-quo-non to built a world for better living for all. Moral and intellectual education and training form sheet-anchor for achieving the aforesaid purpose.

On our sojourn on planet Earth, we undertake many types of journeys; Journey of soul, body and intellect. The journey of body and intellect come to an end the moment we suffer terrestrial exit. Journey of soul knows no limits.

Education forms nucleus around which all our activities revolve. It ultimately is Book and Teacher which are catapulted to central place in this universe.

The Book provides knowledge and Teacher makes us to understand and assimilate it. He teaches us “how to harness revolutionary flood and prevent it running into sand”. The Book and Teacher make us to understand that to make world a place of good living for all, one has to be committed to virtues of life and has to be incorruptible. The Education makes us to understand that life is not an aimless existence.

The Book, the Teacher do not exist in vacuum nor can they survive in worldly wilderness. The creation of societies resulted in establishing institutions of learning.

In our times, huge infrastructures are built for providing all types of knowledge and skill. The people who venture into this kind of human service deserve appreciation from one and all.

But there is caveat to this all. The infrastructure for housing educational institutions are not be built with the sole aim of making worldly fortunes.

For seeking worldly benefits, people are free to enter into any field of commercial activity. But the moment an educational institution is set up, it has to be understood that it is being done to serve the society at large by producing good Human Beings who will rise to become highly skilled servants of society. The educational institution is not to be set up for making money but for nourishing the Human life in all its shades and forms.

Money has no permanence, it fades away, but a good human being lives here and hereafter.

Justice Muzaffar Hussain Attar, Former Judge, is Chairperson Committee for Fixation &  Regulation of Fee of Private Schools J&K