Empower daughters

Empower daughters

Give them what they deserve and don’t deny them their share in the property. Don’t rob them of their right

Since its  first adoption on 11-10-2012 by the United Nations, 11-10-2018 is the seventh consecutive date  celebrated as ‘The International Day Of  The Girl Child’. The main aims of the day are to promote girls’ empowerment, fulfilment of their rights and  also highlighting the challenges they face. Likewise is ‘The National Girl Child Day’ every year  on 24th  January since 2008 in India. No stones are left unturned on papers and the platforms in emphasizing their role and relevance for the overall development of the mankind. Notwithstanding that  birth of a girl child who finally culminates in motherhood, is taken as an unwelcome event in a family unless and until the couple suffers from infertility syndrome, embryonic disorder, still births, infant mortality or else has missed the  chance of pre-determination of sex test. Although pre-determination of sex test stands banned by the government yet there are  violations which do not surface for various reasons. The bent of mind unfolded in the society leads to conclude that majority  of people are not honestly ready to accept a girl child. On her birth a pall of gloom falls upon the concerned. Not only the  innocent new born which is deemed as a stigma and a minus entry  but the long & eagerly waited delivering  mother   also faces hate campaign by in-laws as if she  has brought all misery to the home and the dynasty. She is frowned at and cast slur upon. In the joint venture she is the sole crime commuter, male is all  milk-bathed  enjoying sympathy & empathy of all his near and dear ones. The only criminal is the helpless mother who has bored all the painful moments of pregnancy and life taking brunt of delivery.

Parents yearn for a lad for themselves  but aspire to have a beautiful & wealthy girl as  their daughter–in-law. For this attitude we should have been misogamists which we are not.  Factually some males are inclined towards  polygamy covertly but for overt religious, social, economic and management reasons. We claim right to have a wife from others but shriek reciprocation from ours. Conversely it is cursing the mother. The misconception of those believing in an androcentric understanding of religion placing women  in an inferior position is myopic in viewing the nature and its design to stabilize its sustenance. No doubt by virtue of Allah’s commands in the holy book of the Quran male has been placed a  step ahead of female which is next to him and not at the tail-end of the ladder. By reverse order she is first. Both are equally important and indispensable. If male is home, female is home & hearth. If male is seed female is seed & soil. If male is owning, female is caring & sharing. They are the two phases of current of mankind powerful enough to light the world. To avoid chaotic position and retain order some one was to be marked  number one and the other as two just as we have party head, state head and country head at respective levels. This does not lend vent to the notion  of patriarchal dominance and the subjugation of matriarchal side. Now if by this order patriarchal  system is up surface how does it pronounce or warrant a license for male domination. The same would have been the position had there been matriarchal system.  A minor degree of difference to provide a tool for deciding contested issues does not undermine the matriarchal divide of its inevitability  in need and relevance.

As per teachings of Islam a mother  has  three times preferences over a father. This is no less a splendid position to be ignored or under-estimated. Scientifically females can hear better unlike males who see better. Both have  values and scoring points. History reveals that birth of a prophet and a pious lady Mary and Jesus Christ, did take place sans a male but not without a female. Female too is invested with inheritance rights to own a property as per position and circumstances obtaining with her and to use it according to her own wishes to ensure her economic independence within the precincts of Islam and social fabric. She has a dress code for differentiation with males and not for discrimination. This is like putting a scale up vertically and down horizontally the marked numeration would and should  read alike. However, sharing most of similarities in likes, dislikes, tastes, needs and necessities both have some inherent and intrinsic peculiarities ordained by nature  making them unquestionably a bit  distinguishable. The characteristics manifest and fructify systematically. No one can replace the other as swapping of positions can not suffice substitution. Had it been so there would not have been Adam and Eve but save one. Thinking substitution of one for the other or between the same gender is illogical and immoral in thought and practice with catastrophic results the world has already witnessed in the history of ‘Nation of Lout’  as revealed and confirmed by the Holy book of the Quran. 

Girl child, in Islam, that travels to womanhood is not the product of original sin to ever remain on hate list but creation of  Almighty Allah which compliments the humanity. They have served in war and warring times. The same girl child becoming daughter,  a life partner, a mother and giving parental care to her spouse  is not an attribute to be purchased or have from robotic cultures. Where male fails to comprehend and start, female completes easily. Non-protection of either of the two will give rise to  gay marriages and lesbianism  which is  neither workable nor acceptable. Human beings, not social animals, must not get swayed by the devilish and hellish legislations camouflaged under the slogan of human emancipation  and thought alleviation.This pontification is utter befooling of both the genders to the extent of axing each other to sure annihilation. Sans girl child the  society will be destitute  of gift of any caring mother/father, affectionate sister/brother, loving daughter/son, sharing wife/husband etc; for this being above all execrable under the golden authority and unblemishing commands  of  Islam. So protection and upliftment of girl child is protection of mankind. Uphold it high  with  guaranteed security.  


(The author is a former Sr. Audit Officer  working as Consultant in the A.G’s Office Srinagar.)