Fighting for a cause

Fighting for a cause

Such dedicated medicos deserve acclaim, not punishment

‘Truth’, remarked John Virgil, ‘hurts- not the searching after; the running from’.  Absolutely true. Ever since Dr. Nisar ul  Hassan headed  Doctor’s Association Kashmir, it became clear the professional ethics  and moral obligations of the society weighed heavy on his conscience.  Dr. Nisar not only targeted the ills that have plagued our health sector, he  pointed to the sharks feeding on the innocence of common people and filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the court of law which is awaiting decision. 

 In western democracies, even in other states of India, such dedicated and devotionally committed  government officials would have earned great  acclaim and the state would have honored them giving prizes, but here that kind of integrity is considered as the crime unpardonable. What DAK president and medical fraternity expected government to do, nothing of that happened. The culprits instead of being behind the bars are roaming free. The ruling regime of then chief minister Omar Abdullah preferred to shoot the messenger. Dr. Nisar was suspended. One more bad patch has added to the uglier tenure of the man who had promised ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability but ‘ ended up in  inflicting crippling wounds of deceit and arrogance. 

 It is since last one and a half year the scrupulously honest  and courageous doctor is under suspension. There is no legal or moral justification for, what they call, ‘disciplinary’ action. It speaks only one thing , vendetta. For the “sin” Nisar committed in unmasking the most privileged and the powerful.  One wonders what are the scales of judging the virtues in this part of ours. What the government should have been proud for the daring deeds of its faithful employee  its brow shows the angry spots for. Besides, he raised the issues of public concern within the permitted contours of the law. The freedom of expression is constitutionally guarantied right. Strange that fundamental right too has been culled in this regard.  Perhaps that reflects the truth behind the ‘representative’ character. 

Dr. Nisar is working as Assistant  Professor in medicine at SMHS hospital Srinagar. His continued suspension is not only unwarranted, it  gives a lot of sufferings to the patients under his treatment. Even under suspension, he forcefully pleads the cause of his  profession and is stuck to his Hippocratic oath. He has strongly reacted to the claim of the officials of the Drug Controller who in a recent report claimed that ’99 percent of drugs in Kashmir re of perfect standard’.  Refuting it the DAK president said  the ‘ 99 percent drugs may be fake and not the other way round’. Hitting the nail on the head, he quipped’ there is a lobby in the government and private sector that is ensuring that their multi-million rupees  industry is safeguarded ’.

As  DAK and now Dental Association J and K have threatened launching a strike against the suspension of the DAK president, it will be in the interest of the medical fraternity, administration and the people(who have had to suffer most in the strike)that Dr Nisar be redeemed of the vengeance he was subjected to in the previous Omar regime and  reinstated.  Government will not be doing favors to the talented doctor, but doing justice she is duty bound to.