Friday Focus | Divine Word is Unchangeable

It is ordained that in Holy Quran the word of the Lord has been completed in truth and justice:

‘’The Word of your Lord has been completed, in truth and justice. There is no changing to His words. He is the Hearer, the Knower’’ (06:115)

The laws enshrined in Holy Quran vis-à-vis shaping individual lives as per Divine Commandments and regulating the society in larger context constitute the Word of the Lord. Not an iota of it could be changed, as the Lord is the ultimate Hearer, as also the ultimate Knower.  Allah’s Word is perfect; the Word frames laws to guide lives and streamline societies.  The laws based on truth and justice set forth in the Book—Holy Quran are holistic in form, and pristine in content. None holds the authority to change the laws set forth. 

The truth as it dawns take time to sink in, hence in its initial phase the majority may not be inclined to follow it, given the traditional view of life. Hence, the diversion and digression from the Divine Path, as enshrined:

‘’If you were to follow most of those on earth, they would divert you from God’s path. They follow nothing but assumptions, and they only conjecture’’ (06:116)

Truth is truth, even if those who follow it might constitute a minority. The majority unable to digest and follow the truth holds on to traditions based on assumptions and conjectures. The traditions measured on the scale of truth, mostly fail the test. The Lord however stays as the ‘Ultimate Adjudicator’ as laid down

‘’Your Lord knows best who strays from His path, and He knows best the guided ones’’ (06:117)  

Lord, the Hearer, the Knower, knows best the ones who refuse to refuse to hear, to know, and acknowledge the truth. He also knows best the ones who heed the truth, acknowledge it, and follow it. They remain the guided ones.